Speed up Android Phone without Rooting

Android operating system is a best OS for every one. There are trillions of apps for android and it helps users to get their necessary stuffs and for developers, Android open source codes helps them to enhance its features and customize everything as a developer wish. If you are normal android user, You can get everything with apps and for developers they can get every source codes for developing or customizing it. Here are some tips to speed up android phone without rooting. If you are not aware of the word rooting, Just follow the below steps to speed up android phone and don’t care about rooting, Its for developers.

speed up android phone

Tips to Speed up Android Phone:

You may own android phone but with low processor or ram which works dam slowly. Low specifications makes your phone to work slowly and may hang oftenly. If you are one of them, Just follow simple tips to speed up android phone. You don’t need to root your android phone to speed it.

Use Launcher:

All android phones are with default launchers but default launcher make your device to work slowly . If you feel your android phone works slowly then you can try another launcher like Lightning Launcher  which helps to speed up  android phone and also gives more options for customization.

Clear Memory:

Its a well known fact to everyone that the speed of a device depends on its memory. A device starts to work slowly when we are working with many apps this is due to utilization of memory by the apps. Once you fished your work with a app, Close that app completely and also clear cache memory oftenly. This can be done either manually or by an app. App Cache Cleaner  helps you to clear cache memory oftenly. In widgets of your device you can get Active app manger, With this you can check active apps and end all unneeded apps. More over it shows RAM memory usage. Go to RAM and tap on clear memory. This will helps to clear memory and speed up android phone.

Use Low number of Home Screen and Shortcuts:

One can set maximum 7 number of Home screen in a android phone. But using all 7 Home screen will make your android phone to work slowly and also using lots of shortcuts for apps will also make your device to work slowly. Before changing the launcher give a try to this tip and if you feel you device works slowly after reducing number of home screen

Uninstall unnecessary Apps:

There are millions of app for android but using unnecessary or large number of apps will also make your phone to work slowly. If your device is with large number of apps then this may be a ready for the slow process of your phone. Uninstall unnecessary apps and make the device to work faster.

Free Internal Memory:

All the android devices comes with default memory as Internal Memory. All the pictures, videos , file transferred through Bluetooth,  downloaded files, apps  will be saved in internal memory. Using internal memory to save all files will make the device to work slowly. So it is better to change it to SD card. Make default memory as SD card and also you can move any apps from internal memory to SD card. If your device is with low internal memory, make this change to speed up.

Hope this article helps you to speed up android phone without rooting. If you are with more ideas to speed up android phone please give your valuable suggestions in comments and make our readers to get extra tips.

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