How to identify Fake Iphones

Fake iphones are are large in number. Apple products are always a standard and hottest one in market. Apple has unveiled its sixty generation smartphone which is a 64 bit processor phone. It is the first phone that comes with 64 bit processor and also with fingerprint scanner. Click here to see more about the specs of apple’s latest iphone. Apple products are moving successfully in market but there are many people working against apple products. The apple products are always costs high because of its standard. Using the cost as opportunity many scumbags are manufacturing fake apple products and selling at low cost. This takes the apple inc., to a loss and also makes the buyers fool. If you are planning to buy a new Iphone, first  check it whether it really apple product or a fake one. This article will give you some effective tips to identify fake Iphones.

Fake iphones

Tips to identify fake Iphones:

Even Though the scumbags clones the Iphones physically they can’t copy some stuffs like “Serial number, OS etc.,” It is really very easy to identify fake iphones. Just go through the article to know more about it.

Fake iphones:- Switch On / OFF:

Whenever you switch on / off you credible Iphone it shows Apple logo. Many cloned Iphones are without apple logo in their welcome screen. It will shows “Welcome”  or ” Goodbye” only. So if you found a phone without Apple logo in the welcome screen it is surely a fake one.

Fake iphones:- Serial Number:

Cloned Iphones are without authenticate serial number. So if you are having internet connection at the shop, before buying the phone check the serial number by going into “Settings -> General -> About” and get into the link below to check the Apple product is legitimate or not. This method can be used to check all the apple products.

Check Apple authenticate serial number:

The serial number gives the meaning as below:

AA = Factory and machine ID
B = Year manufactured (simplified to final digit, 2010 is 0, 2011 is 1, etc.)
CC = Week of production
DDD = Unique identifier (but unrelated to UDID)
EE = Color of device
F = Size of storage

Fake iphones:-Dual Sim:

Many fellow cloners manufacturing fake iphones with dual sim facility. It is a funny one because apple hasn’t launch dual sim iphone. So if you see any dual sim fake iphones don’t buy it.

Fake iphones:-Memory card slot:

Authenticate  Iphones are without expandable memory card slot, They are manufactured with default memory storage of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. But the fake Iphones will have only 4GB or 8GB  as default memory storage and also they are with expandable memory card slots. It is better to avoid the Iphone if you see them with expandable memory card slot.

Fake iphones:- Operating System:

It is a well known to everyone that Apple products runs on IOS. The cloned Iphones cannot have IOS. However they are managed to change the look of a fake phone as an IOS phone. If your are confused whether it is Android OS or IOS, Just open apps store in the phone. If it lets you to “Itunes”, then you are in correct place. The fake iphone will take you to “Google Play Store”. And also if you see any JAVA logo in your phone it is a fake one. Because Apple doesn’t supports java applications.

Fake iphones:-Screen:

Legitimate Iphones displays are responsive and non pixelated. It is also with retina screen. It is very hard to spot a fake iphone using this tip. However if you found the display as non responsive and  pixelated it is a fake one.

Fake iphones:-Speed:

Apple products are famous for its speed, It runs all the apps without getting stuck. If you found any apps running slowly then you are having a fake one. All the Iphones will process speedily.

Fake iphones:- Cheap Cost:

It is impossible to get a apple product cheaply. If you cannot identify the fake one then check the Iphone costs in internet, It must be high. If you see any Iphones at low costs surely that is a fake one.

It is very proud to say that we are using apple products because of its standard quality. Even Though there are many fake apple products, Apple Inc., is still running successfully. However many people are buying the fake Iphone though they knew it. Because they are getting it at low cost and feels like they are using real Iphone.


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