How to get back Old Facebook View

Facebook is on work and started to do many changes like new Time Line, Facebook bubble chat and more. Recently facebook acquired whatsapp and its going to sync all facebook contacts with facebook. So one can chat with facebook friends from whatsapp. Facebook is working for it. The last change in facebook is, New timeline. Its pretty good but many facebook users like me hates it and they really want to get old facebook view. Here is the trick to get back old facebook view in a easy way. Its not just go get back old facebook view. You can customize each and every facebook stuffs like Facebook chat, Facebook Profile and more.

get back old facebook view

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How to get back old Facebook view:

You may have come across many tricks and scripts to get back old facebook view. You don’t have to do such stuffs to get back old facebook view. Always remember, If you want to make any tricks like this on web browsers, Search for Extensions or Add ons. Mean while if you want to do such stuffs in android, Search for Android apps in play store. To get back old facebook view, there is an extension named as SocialReviver. This extension  allows a user to customize each and every part of facebook and more over you can hide last seen option in chat.

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  • Customize chat box, chat style and last seen option
  • Customize Profile and Fan Page (Getting back old View)
  • Customize Header like Blue top bar style
  • stick the blue top bar at the top of the window
  • Add a shadow below the blue top bar
  • Disable Find Friends link
  • Messages jewel (experimental features)
  • When a conversation is selected
  • Show online status icon next to people’s names
  • Customizing flash notifications on top of everything (dialogs, photo viewer, etc..)

How to work with it:

  • Add SocialReviver extension to your browser.

For Chrome Users 

For Firefox Users

  • Now Open facebook and click on Drop Down button  near Notification button, You can see Socialreviver Settings
  • Open Socialreviver Settings and choose the tab which you want to customize.

A feature i like most with this extension is, It allows to chat with a friend while watching video. Get this extension and customize your facebook  to the extent. If you found any problem on proceeding above steps, Comment it below.

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