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Youtube is a world famous video search engine where we can find billions of videos. Youtube is running under Google Inc., Which made it more famous. There are also youtube apps for mobile devices. Recently Google launched official app for windows devices. To search for any music, albums or any other videos most of the people prefers youtube only. There is always a big deal between gray and red color in streaming youtube videos. There are many tricks for youtube which you may not known. This article will give you some interesting youtube tricks.   

Enable Auto HD:

All the youtube videos streams in low quality, each time we have to select HD Quality. If you want to watch all videos in HD Quality then you can set in defaultly in your browser. You don’t need to change the quality of video every time. This can be done by an extension named “Magic Actions for youtube” Available for Chrome and firefox.

Get the extensions at: 

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

This extension is also with the features like Cinema mode, Mouse wheel volume control, One Click Screenshot, Ads block, Auto HD. 

Stream from a particular time:

If you want to make a video to stream from a particular time or to share a particular portion of a video you can do it by adding parameter at the end of the url. For example, if the url is 
“” and if you want to play the video from 1 minutes 15 seconds you can done it by adding  #t=01m15s at the end of the url.
The url will be as “”
This will automatically makes the video to stream from the particular time that we mentioned. If you are going to share this video, You have to change the url in the embedded code. 

Loop the Video: 

If you want to play a particular portion of a youtube video repeatedly, Just replace the youtube with infinitelooper in the url. This will let you to infinitelooper where you can set the particular portion of the video to play repeatedly.

Disable autoplay option:

Youtube videos are programmed to play automatically when the page is opened. If you don’t want the video to play automatically then you can done by changing some settings in your browser. 

For Chrome: 

The autoplay option can be disabled in chrome browser either by adding extension or by changing the settings. 
By Extension: “Stop Autoplay for YouTube” will let the video to play after it fully streams. 
Get Stop Autoplay for YouTube at:
If you don’t want the video even to stream then you have to change the settings in your browser. Go to Settings -> Content Settings or simply paste “chrome://settings/content” in the address bar and hit enter. Scroll down the floating bar until Plug-ins and check in “Click to play” This won’t allow the video to stream until the play button is pressed.

For Firefox:

To disable autostream and autoplay option in youtube, Tubestop extension will help you to disable it. Get Tubestop at:

Accurate Search:

To get accurate result for your search just add “allintitle” Before the keyword. This will help you to get accurate result for your search.

Watch youtube video without buffering /
How to watch youtube video in slow internet connection: 

There is always irritable moment when the red bar is near the gray bar. To know how to watch youtube videos in slow internet connection, Check the link:

Speed Test:

To check the speed of your youtube video just add my_speed before the youtube homepage url.
These tricks are mostly out of knowledge to many youtube users. If you found any difficulties with this trick, comment it below. We will give proper solution to rectify it. 

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