How to win Temple Run Game

Temple run is a popular game and it has reached almost in every smartphone. The temple run game is first released for Iphone and Ipads. As the game popular faster than the other games for smartphones, Temple run game released for Android and Widows mobile also. The main concept of temple run is to run from the temple without hanging up in traps and monkeys. Its a very simple and also a little hard game to play. Temple run players tries to end the game but they don’t know how to win temple run game. Actually its a never ending game. But a player can win this game by getting high score than his / her friends. Simply getting high score is the name of wining this game. This article give some tricks to win temple run game in other words this article helps to get high score in temple run game.

how to win temple run game

Tricks to Win temple run game:

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There are many tricks to win temple run game here we give some tricks to win temple run game in a easy and better way. You can win by playing it effectively by your hard work or by cheating and getting high score.

First Trick to win Temple Run Game:

  • Download Gamedata.txt from the link
  • Take a backup of all your saved game if you need it
  • Now copy Gamedata.txt using file manager to  sdcard–>Android–>data–>com.imangi.templerun2–?files
  • Replace Gamedata.txt file with the downloaded file
  • Now check the high score in the game you can see 999,999,999 Diamonds and Coins
  • You won the game

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Second Trick to win Temple Run Game:

This trick is also a cheating one. This tick helps you to run without any obstacle and hence you can get high score than any others.

  • Open Temple Run
  • Go to settings
  • Enable the game in Tutorial Mode
  • Now start the game
  • At the first turn , Swipe three times quickly in right side
  • Then left the device in rest for some times till you reach high score
  • To end the game swipe 2 times in right side
  • The Monkeys will eat you and thus you can win the game with high score

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Third Trick to win Temple Run Game:

This trick uses some cheat codes to win the game. But to use this code works on jailbroken devices and also it works on Temple run version after update 1.4 only


samhines86 – Unlimited Invincibility
rxh7nigh – Unlockable Characters

Enter the cheat codes as soon as you enter the game.

Win truly:

The above ticks will help you to win the game without any interesting stuffs you may get bored by getting high score from the above method. To win the game truly just follow the below simple tips.

  1. Complete the objectives
  2. Multiply and Conquer
  3. Don’t miss coins
  4. Utilize right powerups
  5. Take care of Cliff Hangers (Jump before)
  6. Avoid head stars
  7. Don’t try any tricks to powerups
  8. Jump at correct place
  9. Save Gems
  10. Mostly use slide combos

The last trick will help you to win the game in a better manner. The first above tricks can be used to fool your friends but wining the game by using the first three ticks is not a matter. Try to play the game truly and get high score to win this game.

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