Access blocked websites [How to]

Social Networks are playing a vital role in every individual life with lots of stuffs with it. Some using social networks professionally, some using it for entertainment, and some to keep touch with friends. Every individual using social network for several purpose. Facebook is the first thing that strikes in mind when we hear social network word. Facebook gives every thing as a user wish and also making the user more comfortable. But many organisations, institutes blocks the social networks like facebook and also youtube and also some institutes block wikipedia also. If you want to access those sites in your institutes you are in right place. This article will help you to access blocked websites in your institute like school or college.

Access blocked websites

How to access facebook or blocked sites in institutes:

Facebook is the first thing that a person enters when he/she goes into the browser, But in School or in College it is not accessable. Here is the trick that let you to facebook. Unblock sites is a free webs service which allow us to access blocked sites. It really very simple and easy to work with it.

  • To Access Facebook go to:
  • To Access Youtube go to:
  • To Access Google go to:
  • To Access Yahoo go to:
  • To Access Wikipedia go to:
If you want to access more blocked sites in your school or college check the below link and enter the site url you want to access.
Access any blocked sites:

If the above trick doesn’t works, Here is the another trick to access facebook in your school or college.

Alternative method to access blocked sties:

To success this trick you need administrator permission
  • Go to My Computer-> C: -> Windows -> System 32-> Drivers -> Etc -> Hosts
  • or simply copy “C:WINDOWSSystem32driversetchosts” Paste it in Computer directory
  • For Mac users: “/etc/hosts”
  • Open the Host file in Notepad or in text editor and add the below codes in the end

For Facebook:


For Youtube:


For Google:

Save the file. Now you can access blocked sites in your school or college. Yet if you are not able to access blocked sites, check the link to access blocked sites:
The above tricks will help you to access blocked sites in your school or in college. If you found any difficulties with this trick just comment it and we will give you proper solution to rectify your problem.


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