Best 5 Things that Cortana can do

In this article,let we see about the element of science fiction-CORTANA.Cortana is the voice-activated(robot voice) artificially intelligent windows phone personal assistant which is programmed to perform lots of things  to the user.From Google Now and Siri,Mocrosoft has learnt many things and filtered the best features from those both Google Now and Siri.In windows 8.1,Cortana is still used in beta.By using cortana,the windows user should have lots of fun and entertainment.There are lots of things can be done by Cortana.All right,Let we see some of the cool things that cortana can do

things that cortana can do



                   Eventhough,there are lots of features are available in Cortana,my favourate is  that the cortana helps me to find the song which is played.(i.e)when the song is listened by the user or played around the user,Cortana can find info about that song just like an app-Shazam.We can find the song by just only saying either “Which song is this” or “What is this song that is playing”.


                    Like Google Now and Siri has the features of location based remainders,Cortana also offers that.Just tell her ”if I went to vishaal de maal next time,remind me to buy shirts in reliance fresh”.And sure that,next time if you went to vishaal de maal,cortana will sure remind you.If cortana did not track the location that you did not went or the user need to add location to track,follow the steps below to set location to remind:

  • Click the Search button to launch Cortana.
  • Just open Cortana’s Notebook by tapping on three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other on top right.
  • Select the places.
  • Add locations.

Once it was set,we can set reminder on that location directly.And the reminder reminds us when we went to that locations.



                                      Coratna also offers the Personal based remainders where the Google Now does not have in it.It works only for your contacts and works on the basis of Location based remainders.If we tell to cortana that “If I call to my girl friend next time,remaind me to ask about dating”.Now,if you call them or they call you,in call screen below the contact picture the remainder will be placed which helps the user to see it.Or if you send them a message,Cortana remainds you by bringing up an dialog box.So there will be no way of missing it.


              Cortana has the facility of opening the websites by hearing the voice of the user.But it takes couple of sec to set up.Let we see how to set up the cortana for opening the websites.

  • First go to the Internet Explorer and open the website that you needed.
  • Then tap the three dotted menu button and select the Pin to Start.
  • Now,if you tell to Cortana  “OPEN WEBSITE” it will open the website.


              Many peoples hate that the wifi button is not a pure toggle that they wanted.For those user,Cortana helps them to operate the wifi by just saying “Turn On Wifi”(which helps to turn on Wifi) or “Turn Off Wifi”(which helps to turn off Wifi).

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