Xperia Z4 – Packed With More Power than Ever

Probably Sony smartphone’s research and development department is always under heavy stress. While other companies are letting new smartphones out at a year’s interval, Sony does the same job in half yearly interval. When it enables the consumer base out there to enjoy a minor upgrade of their devices within a reasonable amount of time, it causes the R&D to pass sleepless night. But sleepless doesn’t necessarily mean less productive because when we see those final output smartphones, we surely know Sony has made a revolution. And this time, with the Sony Xperia Z3 already in our hands, we expect the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 to be the most powerful smartphone of the world. No, we are not exaggerating our expectation but Sony’s release date pattern allows them to see their competitors more and put more in their own smartphones.

Xperia Z4

Music Enhancement

Sony’s Walkman based music player has always been popular even within their smartphones. Even though it’s named something else now, however, the music player still contains the codecs and enhancements from the Walkman players. Now there are expectations for a dedicated amp built into the music player of Sony Xperia Z4. It is definitely a combination of software and hardware development, but the rumors really made us looking forward to it.

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This rumor was stated by only one source and we couldn’t find more about it. Taking the fact into consideration; this is going to be one cool feature in the Sony Xperia Z4.

QHD Display

Sony displays are cool! And with Bravia Engine’s enhancement makes the viewing experience even better. The viewing angles are dangerously good on QHD displays so you might have to worry about the person sitting beside you as they can take a peek and actually see what you are doing. However, brilliant color reproduction makes using the phone like never before and the amount of pixels per inch would definitely be higher enough to beat other rivals out in the market.

4K Video Recording and Viewing

With the on-board camera, Sony Xperia Z4 users can capture 4K videos. No further piece of hardware is required; Z4’s processor and RAM are powerful enough to supply juice to it. Android Lollipop should be the firmware powering up the phone and this version of Android supports 64 bit processing. This makes the 4k video recording and playback even much smoother.

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Shrunken Down Bezels

When the Xperia Z series had begun, the bezels were slightly wider than it is now in the Xperia Z3. With the next iteration coming up, we can assure the bezels getting shrunk even more. To make room for the display and to make it look better on the bar style phone, every company is making their best endeavor to shrink the bezels and Sony is no exception. However, we have to wait to see this change taking effect.


If everything goes right then hopefully we would see this new Xperia Z4 smartphone hitting the markets by next 5 or 6 months. Innovation would take place in and out the device; we just have to wait to see how extreme it gets with a newer release.

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