Use Phone as: Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam

Now a days Mobile Phones are one of the Basic needs for people. It was invented by Charles E. Alden in 1906, The main purpose for this Invention is for Easy Communication. Mobile Phones made our Communication Easy. We can Communicate with the people from one end of the world to Other End. After the Phone Calls, Short Message Service (SMS) was Introduced in Mobile Phones, That is also for a better and easy Communication. Step by step, development of Mobile Phone Increases from an Ordinary sample set to Symbian -> Java -> Android -> Iphones -> Etc., The Mobile phone has been developing tremendously. Over 6 Billion of people all around the World Having Mobile Phones, That is 87 % of Population using Cell Phones. Here we are going to see how to Use Phone as: Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam.Mobile Phones are not only using to make calls or to send message, Internet Connection in the Mobile Phones, Brings the World in our Hand. Like the same way Mobile Phones can be use as Mouse, Keyboard, or as Webcam. It will be very helpful in some critical situation when your Keyboard or Mouse or Webcam is not working. You can use your Mobile Phone as webcam or Mouse or as Keyboard.

How to Use Mobile Phones as Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam:

Mobile Phone as Mouse/Keyboard:

For Symbian:

Psiloc Mobile Mouse is a freeware for Symbian Mobile phones to use Mobile as PC Mouse. It supports on Windows. The mobile phone can be connected to the computer by Means of Bluetooth only. This freeware having the features like navigating the Mouse, Right/Left Click. and Mouse speed also can be Controlled.

Download: Psilco Mobile Mouse

Mouse and Keyboard:

To Use Both Keyboard and Mouse:
For PC  Click Here

For Mobile Click Here
Download and install for both PC and Mobile and use mobile as Keyboard and Mouse

For Android/IPhone

There are many Apps to use Android Mobile Phones as Mouse in Google Play.
Remote Mouse is a freeware for Android /IPhones to use Phones as Mouse.  It can be also use as Keyboard. It is also can be Connected by Means of Wi-Fi or 3G Connection.

Download: Remote Mouse

Mobile as Webcam:

To use Mobile as Webcam in your PC

Download: Mobiola

Click on download on that page and select the Category of your Phone then  download Mobiola for your Phone and use  Mobile phone as Webcam.

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