Specs of Iphone 5S Iphone 5C Iphone 5

It is very special to say we own a iphone if we have it.  Apple Inc., one of the world’s largest and standard company gives its products on Computer, Macbook, and also in mobiles. The Apple products are always special and it is mentioned by special name as Iphone for mobile products. The Iphone is a smartphone designed by apple inc., This device runs on IOS operating system. The first Iphone was unveiled on June 29th 2007.  Now -september 10th 2013 the latest release of Apple inc., is Iphone 5s and 5c.  Iphone is seeing its sixth generation. Apple company is working good and releasing its new generation phones once in every year.  Apple inc., released Iphone 5 on September 21st  2012. After a long break with many new innovative features Apple released its latest Iphone last day thats on september 10th 2013. Its Iphone 5c and 5s. The Specs of Iphone 5S Iphone 5C Iphone 5  are mostly that what’s new in this latest release? Apple inc., worked hard for a year and released their latest products with many new features. What’s different between Iphone 5, 5s and 5c. Here you can find the difference and also Specs of Iphone 5S Iphone 5C Iphone 5 .

Iphone 5S

What’s new in Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C than in Iphone 5:

There were many rumors before the release of  Iphone 5S and 5c. Now all the rumors are flashed and both the latest release proved that they are awesome than Iphone 5. Iphone 5S got the special name as “first 64 bit processor smartphone”  Another killer feature of Iphone 5S is its “Fingerprint Scanner” These two stuffs have not used by any other smartphone companies. Apple always giving its best to the users. There is nothing much in Iphone 5C but it cheaper when comparing with Iphone 5S and 5.  The below table will show you some specifications about Iphone 5S, Iphone 5C and Iphone 5.

Specs of Iphone 5S Iphone 5C Iphone 5:




The letter ‘S’  in Iphone 5S stands for “SAME’. Iphone 5S actually replace the Iphone 5 on Design. There is nothing much different between Iphone 5C and 5. The design in all three phone is same.

Fingerprint Scanner:

The killer feature of Iphone 5S is inbuilt fingerprint scanner. The home button is with a fingerprint scanner where it can be used to unlock the phone and also it can be used to authenticate the phone. But this feature is missing in Iphone 5 and 5C.

64 Bit Processor:

Iphone 5S overcomes Iphone 5 and 5C. The 64 bit A7 chip makes the phone to work faster than Iphone 5C and 5. The iphone 5C and 5 are with 32 Bit and A6 chip only. So it can be said that Iphone 5S surely overcome all the iphone that has ever released.

Battery Life:

There is always improvement in battery performance for every generation of iphone. This time the release of iphone 5S and 5C is with great battery performance. Iphone 5S and 5C and gives battery backup for 10 hours for Talk time and 8 hours for browsing. But Iphone 5 gives only 8 hours battery backup for talk time.

The release of Iphone 5S is not only next generation of iphone, Its next generation of all the smart phones. The rocking feature with iphone 5s is its fingerprint scanner and 64 bit processor. Iphone 5s got the name as the first phone to be with fingerprint scanner and also a 64 bit processor phone. Always apple inc., giving its best to the users and this feature attracts the users more. And Iphone 5C stands in cost. Whatever iphone 5S and 5C is new, Its base is Iphone 5 only. All credits goes to Iphone 5. It is very hard to choose the iphone like this.



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