Save Battery Power in Android Phone

Most of the smart Phones have Android Operating System. It is developed by Google. More than 500 Million Android Users are there. It becomes very Popular, Because it is a Open Source OS. Any Individual can modify the Android Application as they Wish. This is the one of the Major point for the success of Android OS. Its Interface is based on Direct Manipulation, It uses Touch Inputs. Here are some tips and tricks to save Battery Power in Android Phone.

Android Smart Phones are Becoming very popular, But the only drawback in it is Battery Backup. There are many Features in this OS, It made the Mobile Phones to consume more power from Battery. So the Battery will soon become very Dry. But there are many ways to avoid this situation.
1) Brightness:

Android Phones Will Show the details of the Battery usage. Go to settings-> About Phone -> Battery Use. It will show list Which are using More Power. The First Place is Display. So reduce the Brightness of your Display.
2) Coma Mode:

Android Phones having Feature automation tool let you say Disable Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, Connections and also turnoff the Mobile Signal. This will make your phone to be in coma.
Or use Flight Mode in night time which saves more battery power. Use Takser Application to disable all non-essential application over night. Its is advised to uninstall unnecessary apps.
Turnoff the Applications if you are not using it. Do not use Vibration Mode unnecessarily it consumes more Battery Power.
3) Screen Time out:

Display uses more Battery power. So it is better to set a short time for Screen Time out.
Settings-> Sound and display-> Screen timeout. Use the applications like Battery Doctor, Which let you to know about which is using more Battery Power.
4) Use Wi-Fi for Sync:

Wi-Fi is very faster than your GSM Sim. So if you are uploading anything Use Wi-Fi connection if it is available. It will Save more battery Power and time.

5) Power Control Widget:

This Widget will Disable the applications like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPM and also reduce the brightness of the screen which saves the batter power.

6) Use Push Notification:

Android Build-in Email Application,  pool for Messages for every 15 Minutes. Its a better Way to save your Battery Power. Use Push Mail if it is available. It saves More Battery Power.

7) Disable Haptic Feedback:

We are very familiar to use Touch Phones. So there is no need of Haptic Feedback. It uses more Batter Power each time if you press any key.

8) Remove unwanted Widgets:

To save Battery power remover unwanted Widgets from the home screen. If you have Activated facebook Widgets in home screen it will always use power to update itself. So it is better to Disable it.

9)  Keep your Phone in Correct Place

                   Keeping your Android Phone is your Pocket or any other Closed place will make it use more Battery Power for getting Signal. Keep it out in a free space, and also if you keep it in 45 Degree it will save more battery Power. Because at this Degree the phone will gets signal easily.

10) Cool the Battery:

                  Battery will be more Efficient if it is in cool condition. so keep your Phone in Cooler place and maximum try to cool it while it is Charging.
Follow the Tips to save your Battery Power and  Use your Android Phone for a long time in a day
Maintain your Phone Battery atleast to a minimum range so than you can check for Facebook updates on the way to home from your office.

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