Short Review About Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi is an privately owned Chinese company. It has its headquarter in Beijing. Xiaomi in Chinese means little rice. It released its first smart phone in 2011 august. Later it developed in a steady phase they had a plan of launching their Smartphone network in India and finally released Xiaomi mi3 in India on July 2014. Here is short review about xiaomi mi3. Check this article before buying xiaomi mi3. This review about xiaomi mi3 is about its specifications.

xiaomi mi3 review

Specification of mi3

It comes loaded with Qualcomm MSM8427AB snapdragon 8oo processor clocked at 2.3 ghz, it has corning gorilla glass for screen protection. Its preloaded with 13mp camera at rear and 2mp camera at front which does 1080p videos at 30 fps.. it comes with 2 gb ram and has internal storage option of 16gb/64gb. The main drawback is that it does not have external storage slot.. It comes with single sim slot.

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Screen Quality

It comes with 5.5 inch 1080p screen and has a pixel density of 441ppi which gives the xiaomi a better and crisp display.. The viewing angles is good and can be viewed at any angles so screen is not a problem at all.

User Interface

Mi 3 comes with jelly bean 4.3 out of box and good news is that they provide a 4.4 update soon and further update for sure as company promises it. It does not have vanilla like experience it comes with xiaomi’s own miui interface and the company have optimized the UI nicely as it faced not even a single lag but there is a option for those who don’t like miui interface as they can install launchers and get vanilla experience..


Camera looks good as it is a 13mp shooter. Full review about camera coming soon.

Hardware and its Competitor

Now the main part and highlight of mi3 is the hardware it boasts. It comes with snapdragon 800 processor with 2 gb of ram. It outperforms the mobile at the range of 30-40k as its half the price of it.     It never showed a single lag and all games can be played at high graphics without any issues. One major drawback is that heavy game users won’t find enough space for installing games as it has storage of only 16 gb. The main competitors are Samsung galaxy s4, Sony xperia z, Sony xperia z2,LG g2 etc.. all the competitor holds a price tag of 30-40k but mi3 is half its price..

Availability issues

As Xiaomi is a brand new company in India they offered sales to customers via flip kart only.. Like Moto e it has serious demand to the buyers. First some 20-25k mobile stock reached at flip kart on august 5 and it ran out of stock in 10 seconds cant believe. But the answer is yes we too can’t believe. Then next stock on august 12 this time 20k phones sold in 3-4 seconds. Wow can’t imagine.. This huge demand is due to the spec it boasts and has a premium look.. its looks are better than s4 and other mobiles.. those who are waiting for xiaomi mi3 wait for next stock and be fast to book your mobile.. Xiaomi mi3 will increase buyers numbers if it allows mobile availability in local shops too..

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No phone is perfect. It applies to Mi3 too. Some 4-5 members of my friends side bought mi3 and they are facing a sim card slot issue and they can’t replace it because as there is a huge demand in booking itself. They had to replaced via flip kart only as one have to wait for the stock and then get a replacement mobile.. The another drawback is that lack of availability of service centers. Apart from this two issues the phone is perfect and amazing at its price point.

register for next sale on Aug 26th, 2014


If you are looking for a phone at a price of 14k and can manage 16gb limited storage without any hesitation go for the Xiaomi Mi3. This phone can make the heavy competitors to put on shame. But one have to wait patiently for the next stock. Xiaomi should introduce 64 gb variant in India as it will increase the demand by double the demand currently 16 gb variant has. The other alternative you can consider is one plus one.. Thanks for the patience and reading my review.

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