Retrieve Smartphone Freeze problem Hard Soft reset it

Using smartphones for a long time may let it to hang. Don’t panic if your smartphone is hang. The first thing most of the smart phone users do when their phone was hang, They just remove the battery and fix it again. This let the phone to come back to the normal stage. But there is also another way to bring back your smartphone to the normal stage when it was hanged.
when your smartphone is freezes / hangs by soft Resetting it you can bring back it to normal stage. When your smartphone is hanged the home button or lock button won’t work. Before getting it to the service center you can soft reset it and can bring it to the normal stage. This article will explain how to soft rest or hard reset your smartphone. Before learning how to reset your smartphone here is a small explanation about soft rest and hard rest then learn how to Retrieve Smartphone Freeze problem Hard Soft reset it.

Retrieve Smartphone Freeze problem Hard Soft reset it


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What is Soft Reset:

Soft reset just quite all the current tasks of your smartphone and restart it. Simply it can be said that it is like restarting your computer. It will be very useful when your smartphone is freezed or hanged.

What is Hard Rest:

Hard reset is completing wiping all your smartphone data and bring it back to as a new phone. While the SD card data will be there only.

How to Soft Reset smartphone:

Every smartphones are with soft rest option and the way of soft resetting the smartphone varies for different manufactures.

Soft Reset on Iphone:

In Iphone soft reset can be done by simultaneously holding the sleep / wakeup button on the top and home button at the bottom for 10 seconds. The screen will get blank and the white screen will appear with apple logo.

Soft Reset on Android:

Hold the power button for some seconds will show you a screen whether to restart or power down the phone. Tap on restart the phone will let the phone to come back to normal stage. Most of the android phones are with this options.

Soft Reset on Blackberry: 

In Blackberry soft reset can be done by simply pressing ALT+CAPS+DEL keys for some time.

Soft Rest on Windows Phone:

By pressing the volume down button and power button for 10 seconds will restart your Windows phone and let it back to normal stage.

How to Hard Reset smartphone:

Hard Resetting your smartphone will deletes all the data and completely uninstall all the apps.

Hard Reset on Iphone:

To Hard reset your Iphone go to Settings -> General (Scroll down) -> Reset -> Reset all. This will only reset your Iphone while the apps and media will remain unchanged. If you want to totally format your smartphone then select “Erase all Contents and Settings” This will completely reset your Iphone and bring it as a new phone.

Hard Reset on Android:

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset -> Reset phone -> Erase everything . This might not be same for all Android versions. It changes for different android versions.

Hard Reset on Blackberry:

Go to Options screen -> Security -> Security wipe -> Uncheck all the options and follow the instructions. This will reset your smartphone completely.

Hard Reset on Windows Phone:

Go to Settings -> About -> Reset your phone -> yes. There is also another way to reset your windows phone. Just press and hold simultaneously “Volume down button + Power button + Camera button”

Hard Resetting your smartphone will bring it back as a new phone by wiping all the datas in it. If you are going to sell your smartphone you can simply Hard reset it. If your smart phones freeze suddenly by soft resetting your smartphone you can bring it back to normal. If it happens many times by hard resetting your smartphone you can come out of the problem. If you found any problem on Hard or Soft Resetting your smartphone comment it.

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