Recharge Smartphone using an Android App

Recharging Monthly for the Phone is a waste of Pocket Money, Now You can get recharged freely using a Android App.  This is for Smartphone users only. All you have to do is Installing Smart Meter App on your Smartphone. Smartmeter is a free app. After Installing it you are asked to register in Smartphonemate, Register Smartphonemate Carefully and after that it will start working. For getting Recharge you have to be connected with Internet through GPRS/Wi-Fi Connection.  This article shows how to Recharge Smartphone using an Android App.

What is Smart Meter:

Smart Meter is an app create by Smartphonemate, which is used to do a study about how Smartphone users are using their Smart Phones.


By using Smartmeter App in your Smartphone, You can get 100Rs Recharge for a month and also you can earn $3 for a month if you run Smartmeter Continuously on your Smartphone. And also it will Give you a Gift Card Code from

Supported Phones:

It is Supported on all Smart Phones like Windows and Blackberry Phones etc., You have to Install an Extension to support Smartmeter on your Phone.
Download Extension:

Things to do:

  • Download Smartmeter in your SmartPhone
  • Download Link
  • Install the Extension in your Smarphone if the Smartmeter App is not Supported
  • Register  Smartphonemate with proper Details
  • Minimum 20+ Days the Smartmeter must be activated on your Android smartphone to get Recharge
  • For Your Mobile and also for Smartphonemate Requirements, Switch off and on your mobile once a day
  • The Sim of the Hand set should not be changed
  • Recharge will be done in first two weeks of Next Month
  • Always Stay Connect with Internet using GPRS/Wi-Fi Connection
For any Quires about this Smartmeter and if you don’t believe it you can contact the customer care

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