Mobile as Wallet

In this fast moving world, Every thing is within Mobile. Form Playing Games to Banking Purpose we are using Mobiles. People prefer Mobiles than anything, There were giving importance to it. Because its also to be them only. Now mobiles has got the place for Wallet. For purchasing anything we have to give the money or Credit Card from Wallet. But now, Mobiles can also pay the Bill rather than you take your Wallet and pay the bill, You just have to Tap the mobile to pay bill. Here is small review about using mobile as wallet.

NFC, Stands for Near Field Communication, Its a short range communication System Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,  It works within 4CM distance. It is mainly used for contact less payment System, It will replace Credit Cards or Smart Cards.It will also accepts Master Card Pay pass Transaction. It also supports the sharing of information like Bluetooth and also it can connect with Social Networks also.
In future There will be Mobile payment only.

Nokia 6131 is the first phone in the world with NFC Support. Leading companies like Apple’s i-phone 5, Samsung Galaxy S series. Flagship Mobiles for all leading Brands have been extolling the advantages of NFC. NFC reduce the usage of Wallet like Credit cards, Gift Vouchers, Railway Tickets Etc., Google also trying to access NFC Technology in Android mobiles. It had already released a mobile Nexus S handset with NFC Facility which was manufactured by Samsung. It was the a Android Mobile which is the First one that supports NFC. NFC has been establishing Global Inter-Operability Standards.

NFC can transfer data upto 434 Kbs. Its work with a speed range of 13.56Mhz.  and the Transfer of data is highly Secure. Google Wallet is also Powered by NFC Technology. Since last year NFC Technology is used as an payment gateway in US. Retail Stores. Always Google, Tapping the mobile phone for billing rather than swiping the Credit Cards. Blackberrry Z10 is also with NFC, In india, PVR Cinemas launched NFC Enabled Payment Method in 15 Theater Complexes.

Even Though NFC is very Secured, Many NFC Mobile Users are not feeling Secure because of mobile phone thefts and also NFC Technology Costs High. And the main Drawback is with the help of Bluetooth Hacking, Any one can steal the information of NFC from a Mobile. NFC is not good for QR Codes. (QR codes are Bar codes ) Especially in the countries like Inida. Because the QR codes are Costs High.

It can be said that NFC will replace the Wallet one day, and also billing purpose will be by Mobile Taping way. If NFC is made more secure, Surely this will Happen one day and it will be also an revolution in Mobile Product.

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