Make your Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot

Today the world is full of Smart phones, But all the smart phones are nothing without Internet connections with it. Internet brings the world in the users hand. Any one can do anything using Internet. A smart Phone without Internet is nothing.

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To access Internet people use Data plans or Wi-Fi Connections if available. Now a days Smart Phones can itself act as Wi-Fi Hotspot. We can access internet by Data plans in mobile phones. But In Many Tabs there is no facility to Put SIM Card and also in Laptop. If you are having a smart Phone then you can access internet to Tab or Laptop by using Smart Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot. It is more Comfortable to use internet in Tab or Laptop rather than in Phone. For Android Phones there is an In-build feature for making an Wi-Fi hotspot Connection. But  for OS and other Smart Phones or Wi-Fi Enabled Phones there is no In-build feature for making an Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection. But it can be done by an  Apps.

This article will explain about how to Enable Wi-Fi hotspot in Nokia and Android Phones.

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How to Make Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection in Nokia and Wi-Fi Enabled Phones:

Most of the Nokia and Wi-Fi Enabled Phones are not with Wi-Fi Hotspot. Windows Phones and other Smart Phones without Android can not create an Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection itself. But it can be done by using a Symbian Application. The name of the App is “JOIKUSPOT”

Supported Phones:
Joikuspot App is Specially for Nokia Symbian Anna and Belle Phones. (ie., Nokia N8,E7,.C7,C6-01,E6,X7,702T,T7,Oro,Nokia 500,600,700,603,701 And 808) It is also Supported to Sony Ericsson S60 Devices and Windows Phones.

          This apps Gives Password Protection for Wi-Fi Connection and it also Saves Battery Power and also Easy for User Interface. You can Rename the WLAN device. (To Change the name of your WI-Fi hotspot Device, Don’t allow other devices to be connected with your mobile and go to settings there you will find “Network Name” you can change it as you Wish)

Joikuspot is an Premium App, It Costs 5EURO.  But Joikuspot Light is availabe for free,
Click Here to Download

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How to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspot in Android Phones:

For Android Mobile Phones no external App is needed for Creating Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection. To Create an Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection

  • Go to Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings -> Tethering and Portable Hotspot
  • In Tethering and Portable hotspot, You can see Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, Enable it to make your Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Suppose, If you want to Change Wi-Fi Hotspot name go to -> Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot, There change the name of Network SSID.

Make your Phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot and Access Internet in your TAB or Laptop using your Phone itself.

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