How to Hide Files/Logs/Messages in Smartphones

A smartphone is with various Applications. A person who is owning a smartphone, He is Having the world in  his hand.  Because Smartphones are with many Facilities like Computing, Surfing internet, Can make a Call, Text someone etc., Smartphones always makes the users to stay connect with outside World. A smartphone can perform lots of work. Before Smartphone a person needs a Laptop, Camera, Cell Phone Etc., and Wherever he/she goes, they have to carry all the Things with them. Now These things can be replace by a Smartphones. This article explains how to hide Files/Logs/Messages in Smartphones.
Smartphones are with Windows OS / Android OS/ Jelly Bean Etc., And it replace an Actual computer. If Smartphone is not Comfortable to work, It can be Replaced by Tablets. Tablets is also a kind of smartphone only, But we cannot make call with it.  Whatever smartphone and Tablets is a thing that travel with us daily in our Life. A smartphone User cannot run his day without his Phone. Because all the datum and the Stuff that the user have to do are stored in it. A smartphone user can store various datum in it. But they won’t like to see those Datum by others. They may having Highly Confidential data in their smartphone. When a friend / someone in their family uses their phone there is chance for seeing that data. To avoid this problem A smartphone user can Hide files in their Smartphone itself.

How to Hide Files in Smartphones:

Smartphone has become very Popular in this world., There are several Apps developers for Smartphones. They are releasing various Apps to comfort the users.
To Hide Files in Smartphones there is an App named “Hide it Pro”

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Smartphone Users:
Iphone Users:
Though there are several Apps to Hide files in Smartphones. Hide it Pro is the Best one. We have reviewed several apps and we found Hide it Pro is better than others and it is totally a Free App.


Hide it Pro can Hide Images, Videos, Files, Applications, Messages, and Even Phone Logs. Fake Audio Manager Application can be accessed and it works like a normal Audio file. To access the files in it, Hold on Logo Audio  Manager and Enter the Password.
All the files you stored in it will be safe until you delete it. If the File was deleted it cannot be recovered.


The main drawback with it is deleted Files Cannot recover.

Users Review:
Hide it pro is a Good App to Hide your Files in your Smartphone. Install it and be Privacy in your Phone.

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