Apps to Make Free Video, Voice Calls and to send free Message

There are several Phone Applications for many Purpose, Developers were creating many different Phone Apps to Comfort the users, Now a day everything is getting easy by using Internet. We can make calls, Send Message, Video chat etc., Ever thing had made easy through Apps. This article will give some important Phone apps which are using to do Phone calls, Message, Video chat etc., These apps will be help full to reduce the Phone bill. this article shows some Apps to Make Free Video, Voice Calls and to send free Message/

Some Cool Apps for Phone:

1) WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a well known Application, It is supported in Android, Iphone, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Whatsapp having the feature of Sharing the Message in free of Cost. It can be also used to send Images, Videos, and Multimedia Messages. Its a well known app for all Smart Phone users.

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2) Qik:

Qik is specially for Video Sharing, It is supported in Android and Iphone. It gives free Video Chat, Video Calling and Video Sharing in Social Networks. Videos can be shared with live Streaming also. It also provides Feeds to see the videos that were uploaded in Qik. And also it will search for the People in the Phone Contacts List who were in Qik and can make free Video call with them.

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3) Viber:

Viber is used to text Message, Video Message, Images and to make free calls. It is supported in Android, Iphone, Blackberry and also for Windows Phone. It will automatically search your contacts list to know who are using Viber, and make easy to Contact them. This apps is free of Ads.

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4) Skype:

Every one knows that Skype is very famous for Video calling. It helps to Stay close with our lovely one. Skype is available for Android and Iphone. It provides the features like Making free Video and voice calls, Skype to Skype IMs, To send Files, Videos and Images. But voice call will be charged in Skype.

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5) Fring:

This app is for making Calls, Videos, SMS. A Big plus point in it is, It also works in Symbian Phones. Fring is Supported in Android, Symbian and Iphone. and you can also make conference call using Fring. Fring will save your Contacts list and help you to call Easily.

Get Fringe:

6) Nimbuzz:

Nimbuzz is for making Calls and free message It is also Integrated with Social Networks, So it can be used to chat in Social Networks. It is supported in Android, Iphone, Java, Symbian and Windows Phone. Calling is free of Cost in Nimbuzz. It can be used to share files also.

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There are many apps like this for making free Video, Voice calls. To send free Message and to share files which are available for Mobile Phones. Download the needed Apps and stay connect with People without Spending Money.

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