Reason for Micromax Smartphones at Low Cost

The world was full of phones and now It has changed to Smartphones. Everyone Everywhere Uses Smartphone because of its Specs. Smartphones are with Large Screen Display, With many Special features with it. But its cots high. Every Smartphones are with High Resolution Screen, High Megapixel Camera,  Ram, and Processor. These things Make a smartphone more Costlier. But Micromax Smartphones are Very Cheaper than other Company Smartphones. So do you think its not a Quality one? Change the Mind that Cheaper are not Standard one. The main reason for why the Micromax Smartphones are Cheaper is, they Manufacture their products with Different Products from Nokia or Samsung Use. Reason for Micromax Smartphones at Low Cost also due to


Why Micromax is Chaper?

Micromax is an Indian Company. The name Micromax is very Familiar today because of its Low Price SmartPhones. In 2008 Micromax Phone Products Jumped into Market, But they are not familiar at that time. But Now Micromax has become a Competitive one with Samsung and Nokia. Because they Provide Cheaper Smartphones then the Samsung and Nokia. There are many reasons why Micromax is Cheaper.

Manufacturing Products:

The First Main reason for this Low cost is due to the Products they use to Manufacture. Most of the Phones are Made of Plastics. They use Polycarbonate Plastics which is a cheaper one. But the Quality of the Plastic  is Good. It does not contains any Toxic Materials.


Micromax Uses Qualcomm Snapdragon Dual core Processor which is a Cheaper one. While Samsung and Nokia uses Costlier Processor which a main reason for the High Costs of their Smartphone. But This also a Good Processor as comparing with Samsung Processor.

Samsung Galaxy Grand and Micromax A116 Canvas:

Comparing Galaxy Grand and Micromax A116 Canvas. Both have same specs but Micromax is Cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Grand.
  • Sim- Both are Dual Sim
  • Display- Both 5 Inch
  • OS – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Camera- 8MP
  • Front Cam- 2MP with VGA Recorder
  • Ram- 1GB
Though they are having same specifications, Micromax A116 Canvas Costs $310.89 But Samsung Galaxy Grand is $462.22. As Micromax uses Low Cost Products they are selling at low Price.
Another Main reason for the Low Cost is, Micromax is an Indian Company. So in India its very Cheap. Basically the price of the products are usually low at the place of Manufacture. and also Micromax uses some Low cost Products for Manufacture. They are Very Cheaper than other Smart Phones.

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