How to place ads within post in blogger

Blogging is a best way to share our thoughts and also to earn money. Bloggers all around the world allow ads from Google adsense,, Infolinks etc., to earn money. The earnings are based on blog visitors clicks. So to get more earning there bloggers should get more clicks. Place more ads in site will makes the visitor’s to hate the blog and also it will be irritable to the visitor’s. Bloggers should show simple ads in their site and make it more visible to the visitor. Placing ads in the sidebar couldn’t get you more clicks. So one of the best way to get more clicks is placing ads within a post or by placing sticky ads in your site. Already we have wrote an article about how to place sticky ads in blog. But for placing ads within a post there is no options in blog. The other platforms like wordpress having plugins to insert ads within a post. But for blogger platform there is nothing like this. is in blogger platform only and you may see ads within the posts. Do you want to know how to do it? This article will explain you How to place ads within post in blogger.


How to insert ads within the posts:

Inserting ads with your blog post is not a difficult one but for each post you have to do it manually. After a completion of writing a post, go to edit as HTML tag in your post section. Select a place to insert the ads within a post. Copy the ads code and paste it in that place.

It is suggested to select the ad size as 600×120. After inserting the ad code just save and publish your post. The ad will appear in the place where you past the ad code. To be easy copy the ad code and save it in your desktop. Do not place more than one ad within a post it will irritate the visitor’s.

Hope this method will be useful. There is no other way place the ads inside the post in blogger. So to get more earrings in blogger, get more clicks by placing the ads within the post. If you are having any doubt please comment it.

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