6 Things to Check before Buying Smartphone

Its smartphone time, Everyone has been changing from normal phone to latest smartphone to bring everything in their  hands. Yes off course smartphone does it, smartphone brings everything what a user need and many mobile manufacturing companies jumped into deep research for smartphones to enhance its features even more better. Before 5 years there were only Java or Symbian phones which were very popular, Now Android, Windows, iPhones are running well in market and after 5 years this situation may change and there may be a phone more than smartphone. You are reading this article, So you are going to buy smartphone ? Don’t urge, There are many things to check before buying smartphone. Here are some important things to check before buying smartphone. Go through this article and check those things.

Things to Check before Buying Smartphone

Things to Check before Buying Smartphone:

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Check OS:

This is the first thing to be check before buying a smartphone. Select a best OS which apt you then check for the below things. Android, Windows, IOS are the three main operating system for Smartphone. Most of the smartphones are with Android OS because it is a open source OS so most of the mobile companies uses Android. Windows OS is made for Nokia mobiles only and IOS is for iPhones only. Android OS is with User friendly interface and also you can find lots of apps for Android. where as for Windows, Few days needed for a user to make compatible and there are only few apps for windows. IOS apps are mostly available for cost only. Most of the smartphone users goes for Android. So if you want to differ from others go for Windows or IOS. If you need a friendly and easy interface, Go for Android.

Check Processor:

This is the first thing to be check before buying any smartphone. What ever may be the Operating system, Android, Windows or IOS there must be good processor. A user goes for smartphone to perform multiple tasks at the same time he / she wants everything to be process faster. Speed of a phone depends on its processor. So before buying a smartphone check for the processor first. The processor must be Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon or high. Because Quad core processor helps to perform multiple tasks faster. Now a days there is a also Dual-Core processor which is more better than Quad-core processor. It would be good if your smartphone is with 1 GHz speed. It is more enough for a normal smartphone user. And if you are a gamer 1.5GHz is needed to play game softly.

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Check RAM:

As i said earlier speed is important thing for a smartphone. As like Processor RAM also plays vital role for smartphone. While performing multiple task RAM memory is a must one for a smartphone to process everything faster. So check for the RAM memory of a smartphone before buying it. RAM memory must be at least more than 500 MB. If you are a Gamer or use multi task at a time it is highly recommend to buy a phone with 1 GB RAM.

Check Screen Size:

Don’t think is it to be consider before buying a smartphone. Many buyers will feel it would be better if the screen size is larger. Screen size varies from 4″ inches to 5.5″ inches. 4″ Inch screen is more enough to use a smartphone. If you are ready to put more money for your smartphone, That you can go up to 5.5″ Inches.

Check Battery Backup:

This is a main problem with smartphone. As it performs many tasks, The battery downs very faster as its speed. Most of the smartphones does not have long Batter backup. Most of the smartphone has only 8 Hours backup only. This would be a big problem. So give importance to battery backup before buying any smartphones.


If you found a smartphone with good RAM and good speed than check for its Camera Mega Pixel. Minium 5 Mega Pixel camera is enough for a good snap and if you want a better and fine one, you could go for 10 MP or More. Mostly High range smartphones are with Good camera quality.

The above things are some important one to be check before buying a smartphone. Smartphone works fines if it undergoes minimum requirements. If you have any other better suggestions than in this article give it in comment and make others benefit.

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