Update friends facebook status – iPhone prank

We have been seeing many iPhone pranks, In recent days there is an iPhone prank for getting into iPhone without unlocking the iPhone which is actually fake one. They just have used figure print sensor to unlock the iPhone. But this article revel you how to update friends facebook status without unlocking iPhone.

iPhone is very famous for its uniqueness and security but there are some ways to break those security and have access to some apps. Apple Inc., refuses to help FBI for unlocking a terrorist mobile which shows the security of Apple products. However, Still we can update friends facebook status without unlocking iPhone. Here is the simplest way to do it.
iphone prank

Update Friends facebook status

It is very easy to update friends facebook status, Just follow the instructions steps below.

  • Get your friends iPhone
  • Open SIRI by long press Home Button or by using Assistive Touch
  • Now say the command “Update facebook status
  • Say the status you want to update
  • Tap on Post button

The status will be updated on your friend’s facebook account.

iphone prank

iphone prank

(Image courtesy: CryptLife )

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