New Spyware Hits iOS


Cyber Security is a big deal nowadays. Intruders not only hack emails, networks but they now step into mobile phone. Yes iOS is one of the victims of the intruders. iOS is popular among worldwide because of its more security. Spyware in iOS is rare but if it is found it creates rush in Apple group. Spyware means watching someone’s action without their knowledge and transmit that information to another people. New Spyware hits iOS is detected. This spyware is similar to that of  SEDNIT spyware in windows. However this iOS new spyware will silently read your personal datas such as contact details, conversation everything without your knowledge. So, iOS users beware of this iOS new spyware because its target devices include jailbroken and non-jailbroken versions. This spyware having potential to strike iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices.

ios spyware

New Spyware hits iOS

          The new spyware called XAgent software which is detected by the antivirus company Trend Micro. The background of XAgent is OPERATION PAWN STORM. Operation Pawn Storm is an active economic and political cyber that steals data from the large entities like Government, Military, and Media etc.,  As per Trend Micro, XAgent will steal all your details like text messages, contact list, geolocation, Wi-Fi status, installed application in your phone and packed it. This package is sent to the server behind this hacking. XAgent software will also remotely activate audio recording by means of microphone.


XAgent spyware come into your phone by means of phishing attack using island hopping technique. Exact methods of installation is still unknown but it starts spread from phones of friends using spyware link, realized email from strangers and downloading applications from untrusted websites. XAgent is not available in your apple apps store but it is available in the sense of Ad hoc provision. Ad hoc provision is the feature used by the developers to test their apps. XAgent’s target is iOS7 and iOS8. But it is dangerous for iOS7.

In iOS7, when it is installed in the phone it automatically hide from your home screen but it automatically starts working on your background process. Once you try to kill that process, the program will automatically restart. But in iOS8, it is not hidden from your screen. It needs to be manually activated whenever the system is rebooted i.e. it needs user interaction. Hence it is advisable to update iOS7 to iOS8; it may be reduce the risk of XAgent.


How to get rid from XAgent?

  • Try to update iOS8 from iOS7.
  • Avoid clicking links or installing apps from untrusted websites other than that of official Apple app store.
  • Scan the phone regularly to check of any malwares.
  • Avoid connecting phones with computers using USB.
  • Avoid applications which ask your email-id or password 

However the attackers aims are not the common people but the military leaders, embassies, defense contracts to gain some government secrets. But the major target is military and government. Trend Micro still not identifies any particular person or firm for this malware. Whatever may be iOS users try to be in a safer side.


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