Watch Youtube Videos without Buffering

Youtube is a world famous website for video, where users can upload, share and watch videos. It was created in feb-2005 and owned by Google in 2006. Millions of users from all around the world uses youtube and many number of videos are uploading in a day. As like google search, youtube is for video search and gives accurate result and also suggest many other videos.Youtube users can watch videos without signing-in and can also share videos. Most of the users watches their favourite videos in youtube only but there is a little problem with youtube. If the internet connection is slow it takes more time to buffer this make the users to get tension. If you are one of them then you are in right place. This article is for those who suffers from watching videos in slow internet connection.

How to watch youtube videos in slow internet connection:

Suffering from slow internet connection to watch videos? here is some tricks to watch youtube videos in slow internet connection.

1) Feather Beta:

Youtube realize that the users are suffering from buffering problem and they created a solution for this problem it is known as Feather Beta. Feather Beta increases the buffering speed by removing unwanted stuff in the page like information panel, related videos comments, It also removes share, like, unlike buttons. This will speed up the buffering speed and let us to watch youtube videos without buffering. To activate this feature you must have youtube account. Go to the link and click on join the “Feather” Beta button. Now the videos will buffer fastly.

2) YouTube HTML5 Video Player:

This trick works in most of the browsers which supports HTML5 video tag, h.254, webm. Some of the supported browsers are Google chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple safari, Internet Explorer. This trick will help you to watch video without buffering. There is nothing big to do with this trick. Just go to the link and click on “Join the HTML5 Trail” button. Now you can watch videos without buffering but there is some restrictions with this trick.


  • The full screen mode is partially implemented
  • It does not supports some videos with ads
  • This trick will work only if the videos with WebM transcodes in Firefox and opera browser,
  • It won’t support if the browser undergoes any test tube experiments

3) Changing URL:

By making small changes in url, the video can be buffer fastly. Making changes in url means not the whole url you just have to replace “www” with “m” this will convert the site into mobile version and can buffer the video fastly. But there is a drawback with it. Only low quality videos can be seen. If you are ready to watch the video in low quality then go to the video link and replace “www” by “m”. Suppose if the url is “‎” change it as “‎” and hit enter.
The browser will ask permission, just click on “Launch Application”. Suppose if you got any errors go to scroll down, download and install realplayer in your computer and the trick will work.

Tips to wach video without buffering:

  • By selecting low quality video the buffering speed can be increased
  • While playing a video let it buffer first by pressing the pause button and watch the video after it fully buffered
  • Short time videos are buffer faster than long time videos. So it is better to watch short time videos
  • Change the player settings to low quality stream
Hope the above tricks will help you to watch videos without buffering in slow internet connection and get you out of tension. If you tried these tricks then comment your experience with it and also comment if you found any of the trick is with error. Watch the youtube videos without buffering and enjoy with your videos.

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