Net Neutrality Will Support Digital India plan says DoT

According to Times of India, the meeting which was held by the panel on April 17, 2015 (Friday) shows that DoT is hardly batting for net neutrality by considering the poor internet coverage.

Net Neutrality Will Support Digital India plan says DoT

Net Neutrality Will Support Digital India plan says DoT

Net Neutrality Will Support Digital India plan says DoT

The Background note says that the Digital India programme considers the high-speed internet as the key factor. The National Telecom Policy 2012 also views that there will be affordable and reliable broadband by the year 2015. It also views by the year of 2017 there will be 175 million broadband patches may produce.

Airtel trying to explain that how it supports the net neutrality scheme while their Zero platform is just an open marketing scheme. Airtel Company expecting that telecom regulator Trai can join probably with rest of them.  This makes the telecom regulatory authority of India starts to believe that Airtel Zero platform violates the policy of net neutrality.

A senior Trai official told at Times of India that “From the looks of it, Airtel Zero and many other plans including Facebook’s tie-up with Reliance Communications and the free WhatsApp, Facebook offers by other telcos seem to violate net neutrality.”


According to the Source indicator which is related to that matter, the report disclosure that the Airtel Company writes a letter to Trai about their Zero scheme that their Zero scheme is just a platform for all app makers which has the feature of free data services. And they added that they are not aimed to accusative between users. But Trai reportedly did not accept and says that they need to examine the plan and all similar schemes. This statement includes that Trai need to examine the plan of Facebook’s tie-up with Reliance Communications.

According to marketing strategy, it clearly shows that the Airtel Zero scheme is trying to compete with similar platform as which is announced by Facebook-Reliance relationship. But both the schemes exceed net neutrality. From the Facebook’s, the Cleartrip and NDTV announced to opt out from it. This incident happens only a day after the Flipkart opt out from Airtel Zero scheme.


Some of the language websites like Times of India supports net neutrality. And they are appealing to the publishers to withdraw from the Facebook’s The Times of India says reportedly that it will support net neutrality but it will opt out only from only when their competitors opt out from

Rahul Khullar (Trai Chairman) points out a corporate war between ‘a media house’ and ‘a telecom’ which calls for the democratic debate on net neutrality. “There are passionate voices on both sides of the debate. And if that was not enough, there’s a corporate war going on between a media house and a telecom operator which is confounding already difficult matters” says Rahul Khullar to The Indian Express. But in that report there is no information shared about the ‘a media house’ and ‘a telecom’. He also added that “We need a democratic debate on the issue, not shrill voices”.

To support net neutrality and protest against the rules, a website named as By using this website any one can send a mail directly to Trai to support net neutrality where the Trai has already received more than six lakh emails.


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