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The Number of Bloggers Count is Increasing Day by Day. Everyone wants to share their ideas And also Share their views and Thoughts with others. For this they are using Blog. And another important thing for Starting a Blog is Earings. Bloggers are Earning Through the Ads in their Blog. To make Blog Professionally, Bloggers are Buying Domains and Hosting. Domains are at Cheaper rates and they can get in Easily. But Hostings Costs More. But if the Bloggers Gets More Earnings from their Ads, They will Get Hosting. And Staring doing Blogging Professionally. What is Hosting? How to Get it? This Article will Explain the Answer for These Questions.  This article gives Hosting with Offers.

What is Hosting:

Hosting is nothing but a Storage Place to Store all the Datum of a Website as Rentally. Simply a Store Place of a Website Datum.  Most of the Host Providers Charges for their service. The Charges is Like Monthly or Yearly.  But there also Free Host Providers Like Blogger which is offered by Google Inc., But Many Host Providers Offering Many Offers for the Buyers. Like Hostgator Providing Offers for Some Coupon Codes Like Hostgator Provide Offers Like:

Coupon Codes:
CRYPTOFF25 – Provides 25% discount on the total bill while people buy.
CRYPTOFF994 – People can buy HostGator hosting for 1 month at just $0.01.

For future years/months, charges as per the plan applies.

Types of Hosting:

There are Many Types of Hostings Like

  • Free Web Hosting Service
  • Shared Web Hosting Service
  • Reseller Web Hosting Service
  • Dedicated Web Hosting Service
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Managed Web Hosting Service
  • Colocation Web Hosting Service
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Clustered Hosting
  • Grid Hosting
  • Home Server

Free Web Hosting Service:

This Service is Offered by Many Companies Including Advertising Companies. But Free Web Hosting Service is Limited only.

Shared Web Hosting Service:

Shared Web Hosting Service Shares the Server with Many Websites. A Shared Web Hosting Service May Contains Hundred or Thousands of Websites in it.

Reseller Web Hosting Service:

Reseller Web Hosting Service Enable the users to become Web Hosts.

Dedicated Web Hosting Service:

In Dedicated Web Hosting Service, Customer can get the Server and can Manage it. But the Customer cannot own it.

Virtual Dedicated Server:

This Server Separates the Server in Virtual Servers
Managed Web Hosting Service:
The Customer can Get their server, But they Cannot Manage it fully as they wish.

Colocation Web Hosting Service:

The Customer owns the Server, But the Host Providers Takes the Physical Place and Maintains the Server

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting Server is More Beneficial than others. The Host Providers  Charges for the Server as a Customer use it.

Clustered Hosting:

This Type of Server Contains More than One Server for a same Website.

Grid Hosting:

Grid Hosting act like a Grid which is in the form of Distributed Hosting with Multiple Nodes

Home Server:

As the Name Mentioned, The Server is Placed in a Private Place as the Customer Needs and they own it fully.

How to Get Hosting:

Getting Hosting is very Easy, There are many Host Providers like Blogger, BlueHost, Hostgator, Hub, Fatcow Etc., To get Hosting, Just have to Sign up in it and have to pay for the Hosting.

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