Windows 8 Start Screen in other Windows OS

Microsoft had released Windows 8 on 26th October 2012, It was released before 4 Moths. It has more advance features than Windows 7. Development of Windows 8 is started before the release of its previous OS Windows 7. Windows 8 have many Significant Features to the Operation systems platform and its special for its windows 8 start screen. It was Mainly Developed for Mobile Devices like Tablets and Operating System Supported mobiles. Windows 8 Gives a new touch user interface. It has More Safety and Security in it. You don’t need to install any antivirus for Windows 8.  The start Menu is replaced by Start Screen is an innovative one.Though Windows 8 has many features than Windows 7, It is more special for windows 8 start screen. Still It hasn’t reached all over the world. You will be more comfortable in Windows 8 than any other Windows OS. In after few months Microsoft is going to stop providing applications for Windows 7. So it is better to Change to Windows 8. This article explains how to set Windows 8 Start Screen in other Windows OS.

Windows 8 Start Screen in other Windows OS
For an experience get Windows 8 Start Screen in your Windows 7 Operating System or any other Windows Operating System Computer. To Feel the feature of start Screen of Windows 8 in Windows 7 or any other windows Operating System, A freeware is there known as Winmetro (7.39MB), Developed by IObit. It helps you to get Start Menu of Windows 8 in Windows 7 OS  or any other Windows OS.

  Download Winmetro Freeware

In the Start Screen you will get some most used applications along with in built  Apps tiles. It is also Providing Calender, Weather, Photos, News and some more tiles with webpages inside it. If you define default pictures directory with the photos apps, you can view all the pictures by Clicking the tile. For the Weather App, It will use your ISPs Location to get the information about weather and show the weather information. You can also use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to scroll inside the screen. After Installing the Winmetro, You won’t get Desktop on Starting your system, It will shows the start menu. You can jump into desktop by Clicking the Desktop Tile or bye Pressing Win+X. To get the start menu take your Mouse bottom left cornet of your screen and click on it.

Winmetro will works on Windows OS only and it uses more than 40MB of RAM Memory Continuously. This may slow down your computer. so if you feel your computer is Slow, It is advised to not to install it.

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