How to Hack Iphone 5s Fingerprint scanner

Iphone 5s Fingerprint scanner hacked: Apple’s Iphone 5s was unveiled on september 5, 2013 with many new specs like 64 bit processor and fingerprint scanner and many other stuffs. People all over the world was thinking to buy new Iphone 5s and 5c because of its new specs. The specs of Iphone 5s and 5c are awesome and innovative. But a new doubt came for every iphone users. Iphone new fingerprint scanner is safe or its danger. There are many unlock pattern to unlock your phone but many people though using iphone 5s fingerprint scanner is more safe than any other unlock pattern. But there thoughts were busted by German  “Chaos Computer Club” They hacked the iphone 5s fingerprint scanner and unlocked the phone.

Hack Iphone 5s Fingerprint Scanner

How to Hack Iphone 5s:

Chaos Computer Club said, breaking iphone 5s fingerprint scanner unlock is very easy. You just need simple stuffs like 2400 DPI camera, Pink latex milk or white wood glue, 1200 DPI laser printer which can be configured for think tonner settings.

  • Take a photograph of Iphone 5s user fingerprint from a glass surface using 2400 DPI Camera

  • Now edit the image make it more fine and invert the image

  • By using 1200 DPI Scanner, take printout of the image on a thick transparent sheet with a thick toner setting

  • Then pour white wood glue or pink latex milk on the sheet

  • Make it dry and remove the latex from the sheet

  • Blow on latex to make it little moist then press on the Iphone 5s Fingerprint scanner / Unlock button using latex

What do you see? Phone unlocked !! Don’t panic if you are a Iphone 5s user. Generally hackers takes thumb finger of the users to hack it. So you may use your little finger or pointer finger instead of using your thumb. Change the finger oftenly to unlock the phone. Use your left hand finger also to unlock it. So it would be difficult for the hackers to hack your IPhone 5s Fingerprint scanner.


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