Download Youtube Videos without any Software

Youtube is a most popular site for Video Search, People all over the world uploading and Downloading Many Videos from youtube. As Google act as a Good place for Web search, Youtube is for Video Search. Youtube downloader is a freeware to download Youtube videos, But it is with many problem. Most of the Downloads in this software is failed to download. To download HD Videos in your computer from youtube, You don’t need any software, You can Download Youtube videos with out any Software. There are many services to download Youtube Videos without any Software where voobys is also one of the service. helps to download youtube videos without any software.

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How to download Youtube Videos Without any Software:

  • Go to and search for the video which you want to download
  • Open the Video and make it to stream
  • In the Address bar Instead of youtube, Type “voobys” and hit enter
  • This will let you to a Website where you can download the video
  • After your Download rename the file as filename.flv
  • It will automatically change to flv Format, You can play in flv players like VLC, KMP etc.,
You can also download any format of the video as you wish to download like  MP4, MP3 etc., There are many options to download youtube videos, But getting it without any software is very easy than anyother else. Hope this article has helped you to
Download youtube videos without any software, If you found any problem while downloading youtube videos using this trick comment it below we will give proper solution for your problem then you can download youtube videos without any software and   and enjoy the video.

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