Download Entire Website to Access without Internet Connection

Internet brings the world in our hands and now a days it is very easy to learn anything using internet connection. If you are using a website frequently each time you don’t have to switch on the internet connection to access the site. You can check the site without internet connection by simply downloading the entire site. Surfing in online is a very useful one, but sometimes it will makes us to waste lots of time. If you are thinking you are wasting lots of time in online and you are using any websites regularly like w3schools, wikipedia, Then you can download the entire website and access the website without internet connection which makes you to save lots of time and also you can check the website without internet connection. This article will explain how to download entire website and access it without internet connection.

How to access a website without internet connection:

HTTrack is a freeware which allows you to access a website without internet connection. Simple it can be said that, HTTrack can download a entire website and save it in your hard drive.. The time taken to download a website depends upon the various website. If you try to download Wikipedia, it will take a day to complete its downlaod. HTTrack is well suits for windows. It is an open source software with a little hard interface. But website can be accessed easily without internet connection. Suppose if you are a MAC user, then you can get HTTrack using Macports. But Sitescuker works well in MAC then HTTrack.

Download Link:  

HTTrack will take a mirror copy of a website and save it in your local hard drive. The downloaded web sites can be access in default browser of your computer and it will display the downloaded website as in the online website. If there is any updating content in the website it cannot be displayed in downloaded site. The downloaded site cannot be updated. It is the only drawback with HTTrack. However HTTrack will be very useful if you are doing any research or using an non updated website oftenly. It would be very much useful to access a website without internet connection. If you faced any troubles with HTTrack, Just comment it below, We will give proper solutions to rectify it.

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