Youtube official app for Windows device

Youtube is a famous video search service which is under Google Inc., Windows Phones are slowly taking its steps in market. Mostly Microsoft lovers would like to use Windows phones. As android platform, Windows platform is also with many apps. Here is small review about Youtube official app for Windows device

Youtube official app for Windows device

There are several apps for windows phone and they are processing good. Youtube is one of the popular app for both Android and Windows phone. The youtube app users in phones are very large in number. But due to small misunderstanding between Microsoft and Google, Google pulled out the youtube apps for Windows phone. Google doesn’t allow to work the youtube app properly in windows phones as in Android and in Iphone. The report says

Microsoft Reported in a blog:

After their long break now Google and Microsoft has joined and reintroduced youtube official app for windows phones. Microsoft and Google has now started to work together. Under some negotiations google allows youtube apps for windows phone. New youtube app in windows phone is now with the features as in Android and Iphone youtube app. The youtube official app is released for windows 7x and for windows 8 devices.

Its new features comes over the previous youtube app version. There is also facility to upload video’s directly from a folder of a windows device to a youtube channel.
Download Link: You can get the Youtube official app from the below link
Its a great gift for windows phone users to use youtube official app on their windows device. Now you can enjoy all the features of youtube app as in android and iphone. Download the app and enjoy you video.

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