Google Tricks 2013

Google Inc., is a very big network which became most popular site within short period of time like facebook. Even Though facebook is popular still it cannot beat Google. It’s a well known thing to everyone that Larry page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Actually they developed the google search as time pass during their school days now it is the world first site which helps lots of users to search for anything they need. Google is not only a search engine, It is also with many other services like Gmail, Google plus, Google translator and more. Google is also providing the opportunity for earning through Google Adsense. This article gives you some google tricks which will be more useful.

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Google Tricks 2013

Make Google to wish on your B’Day:

You can see different  Google Doodles on some special days recently you may had seen it on Google birth day. You can make it on your birthday also. To do this, You just need to sign in Google account and Google plus account which must be updated with your birthday. This will helps google to show doodles on your birth day. Place the mouse on the Doodle, You can see Google birthday wishes with your Name. And by clicking the doodle, You will be redirected to Google plus.

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100 Search Results in Single Page:

Google shows 10 search results in a page, Suppose if you want to see more than 10 results in a page, you can customise it as 20,30,40,50,100. This will help to skip to the last result easily. Sometimes last result will be more useful than the first one. To get 100 search results in a page,

  • Search for anything in Google search
  • In the Top right side, you can see “Settings button” click on it and select search settings
  • In Google Instant predictions select “Never show instant results” and choose the results per pages as you wish

This will display more than 10 results per page and helps you to skip the first searches.

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Share files from Google Drive without Download Options:

Google drive is a best place to store all our personal and highly confidential information safely. Google drive is linked with all the Google services so it is very easy to share a file from google drive. But sharing a file from Google drive can make anyone to download it. It is a insecure way to share a file with download options. So by disabling the download options, We can share any files without  any hesitation.

To Disable download options in Google drive

Go to Google Drive -> Open the file -> File Menu -> Prevent Viewers from downloading 

You are done. Now you can share the files with the hope it cannot be downloaded and edited.

Download your Google Data:

Google is providing the options to download all the data from the services we use.

Google services includes:

Google Tricks 2013

Google Takeout helps to download all our data we used in above google services. Just click on Google takeout, Now you will be redirected to a page where you can see all the google services that you are using. Click on Choose service to select the services to download your information. Finally in Download click on Download to download all your data archives. Here you can find the options to transfer your Google + connections to another account. 

Note: Download it in your personal computer because it contains all the information about you.

Google Fonts:

Google fonts contains more than 500 fonts which you can customize and download it. Go to Google Web Font page and select the fonts you need to download. Just download it as normal file or in zip format and copy those files and paste it in My computer -> C:WindowsFonts. Now you can all the fonts in any apps in your computer.

If you found any problem to access these stuffs, comment it below. We will give proper solution and also if you need anything more comment that also.

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