Enable Lock safe search to avoid adult contents from your kids

Google search is a world wide famous search engine. Everyone uses google search engine from many purpose. Google search gives accurate result for every search, this may sometime shows some adult contents in the result. When you are using google with your family, suppose if a adult content is displayed that won’t be good at that time and may create guilty feelings. And also kids in home may see adult contents using google. We can enable safe search mode to get rid of adult contents and to search safely. But safe search mode have to be enable every time and it can be easily disabled. To overcome this problem google offers a settings to enable safe search. This article explains how to Enable Lock safe search to avoid adult contents from your kids

avoid adult contents from your kids

How to enable safe search in Google Search:

To turn-on safe search in Google search there is an option called “Lock Safesearch” This article will explain how to “Lock safesearch”

What is Lock safesearch:

To Enable Lock safesearch in your google search follow the below steps,

  • Open Google search homepage and sign-in into it with your gmail account
  • Then go to google homepage and click on settings which is on the top right of the screen, Then click on search settings: Settings -> Search Settings
  • Or simple go to this link:  http://www.google.com/preferences
  • In the settings tab, click on “Lock Safesearch”
  • It will ask show about Lock safesearch, click on it to enable  Lock safesearch
After the completion of the process, If any any one search for adult contents colored balls will be displayed on the top of the display and if the link is selected in safesearch, that result won’t come again. Now you can leave your kids alone in home to use computer. No adult contents will be displayed in Google search result. To disable Lock safesearch, It will ask password. So it cannot be disabled without your knowledge.

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