Chromecast: Watch online Videos in TV

The innovation of google is unstoppable and google is releasing many products to the market with great innovations. Google is not only for web service, First it took it steps to browser by unveiling Google chrome then it has stepped into mobile products by the release of new Nexus and now google has launched products for smart TV’s. There is nothing to stop google and one day it should ruled the digital world. Chromecast is a google product which can be used to see online videos in the biggest screen of your home. The biggest screen with HDMI ports in your home can be access the online videos source from Google’s Youtube, Netflix or just by mirroring the screen of another device. This article shows how to Watch online Videos in TV.

The usage of smart TV’s with internet connection is in very low range and it is approximately less than 15% only. This makes the google to think about giving internet connection to TV’s. Generally people would like to watch their favourite videos in High quality definition and also in big screen. But the favourite videos can be watched in computer only as when they like to watch. Now if you own a Chromecast, then you can watch any of your favourite videos in your TV itself at any time as you like. The Chromecase just costs Rs 2138 ($35 USD) only. Its somewhat a cheap which can get online videos in tv.

Chromecast is the first device which streams the videos in tv. The chrome browsers are available for computer, tabs, and for smartphones but now it is also available for tv’s. The chromecast is powered by chrome operating system and it is the first chrome browser for tv.

The most exciting feature with chromecast is mirroring the screen of another device. Chromecast is designed as a Airplay type system which can play the online videos in tv even from the another screen in a room. The another screen may be a android or ios device. and it works without any interruption even if the device is performing any other tasks. Chromecast is also with the facility of playing group playlists, and streams fine even if the device is in sleep mode.

Chromecast gets the sources from Youtube, Netflix, Google play and the contents which can stream in chrome browser. Google has planned to make chromecast as supportable to the apps like pandora. Chromecast is also with the feature of sharing the videos, movies, tv serials on photo stored online and also to other websites. Chromecast also act as trojan dongle.

Google products are always special and it unveils the first product for tv and it is on a great success. Chromecast is a different device which haven’t prepared by any other companies. This device brings the world to the living room and allows the people to stay connect with internet connection. A awesome and a innovative device is chrome cast. Try it and share your experience with us.

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