Scan for Virus in the Email Attachment Files

Computer virus is a big Head ache for Every users. Once, if the computer is affected by Virus the problem starts. Many settings will be changed, Computer won’t work properly, It will work very slowly. No one would like to happen like this. Even-though there are many Anti-virus Software to protect the Computer, Hackers were creating many new Viruses which could not be identified by Anti-Virus. Internet is the best place to spread Virus. Most of the Viruses were spreading using Internet Only, Mainly From Emails. You may get many attachment files from your friends or from an Anonymous. These files may be a song, Video or any other. You will download the files very eagerly to see that. But after the downloading the file in your computer, The computer may restart automatically or the settings of the computer may be changed, or all the files you saved in the computer may be saved in different drives. These are due to Virus only. Any hacker can send Virus as like a image or video format. So to prevent this problem, Before downloading any files from your mail you have to check for virus in that file. This article shows how to Scan for Virus in the Email Attachment Files.

How to Scan Email Attachment Files:

There are many software’s for Scanning a file for virus, Like that there is an online Free Scanner to scan the Email attachment files, Not only for Email attachments, You may scan for any files from your computer.


  • Just forward that attachment file to
  • Delete all the Contents in the mail except the attachment
  • Write SCAN in the Subject
  • Then Click on Send Button
After sometimes you will get a report about that file. The file was scanned thoroughly by the virus total and it will send a report to your mail.  This is a most Trustful site, It won’t harm the attachment that you send. If you want to Scan any file from the computer, Go to and upload the file and scan it. It is also very secure. It will be very much helpful for those who don’t have Full versions of Anti virus. Any one can Scan any files.
Before downloading any attachments from the mail send by any Anonymous, If you think it is insecure, Just forward the attachment to virustotal. Stay away from the virus. Keep your Computer Safely.

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