Get Rid of Email Ads in Gmail

Gmail is updated recently and it is with more exciting features. Gmail is user friendly and also with easy interface which attracts the people to use it. Recently Google Inc., updated the gmail inbox. It is with three new tabs Primary, Social, Promotions. Which separates our email and we can easily check for our email from the tab where we want. We can also move a mail from one tab to another. This feature is most welcome by the people. But at the same time google added an extra thing with it. That is an AD which looks like normal email in the inbox. Some may not like this ads and it is irritable. But google made this ad as optional, if you don’t like it you can remove it.

How to Get Rid of Email Ads in Gmail:

To get more earing by ads google uses this email ad system. But it was disliked by many users. Google Inc., said
 The Email ads will appear in the promotion tab only, so by removing the promotion tab in the inbox we can get rid of email ads in gmail.

How to remove Promotion tab in Gmail:

It is easy to disable promotion tab in gmail, Just follow the steps given below.
Go to Settings -> Inbox -> uncheck the promotion option, then save the settings

This will makes your inbox from receiving promotional email ads. Suppose if you want to use promotion tab you can not get rid of those email ads. Google Inc., is making many changes for the user and hope it will soon change this ad system.

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