Filter Emails Easily

Email is a easy way of formal communication. Email users are sending number of mails and receiving mails more than that they send. Users are Subscribing to many services for their use. But later they won’t care about those mails that they are getting from the Subscribed Services. And also many Companies were sending mails to publish about their products. Like this, a user is getting many mails in a day which is a very big head ache for the users. Because when a user gets many mails in a day, Important mails may lost out of their sight. And also got irritated of getting many mails. To overcome this problem there is an online solution. this article shows how to filter emails easily.

SaneBox is an online Service which Filters the Emails like Gmail Priority. But Gmail Priority Separates the mails as Important, Unread, Starred and keeps all the mails in user inbox only, Important Mails will be in top. But Sanebox Separates the mails as less Important mails, Which removes less important mails and save it automatically in @saneLater folder in the user mail. and if it moved any important mail to @saneLater folder, User can send it back to inbox and this will be saved in the sanebox, Hence next time it will automatically stores that mail in inbox which is from the same person or company. This will make user Inbox to be free from many mails, and also important mails won’t lost out of their sight.

Features of SaneBox:

@SaneBlackHole: This will move the mails directly to Trash
@SaneRemindMe: This will remind the user about important mails which they have to reply or a user wants to get reply from the sender. Users can use it as or or, No matter what it is. It will remind the user when they want
Sanebox also provides Graph of Important and other mails that a user get every day in its Dash board.
@SaneLater: As already told it will move less important mails to SaneLater Folder.

Supported Email Services:-

Sanebox is supported in Gmail, Yahoo, AOL mail, icloude, Exchange. It is not supported in Hot mail and only Pop up Email Providers.


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