Update Facebook Status from Email Other Social Networks

Facebook is a big social network with billion of users with it. The facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a famous man it this world. Facebook can be said as a marketplace where a new products will come to the knowledge of people if the product is updated in facebook. Some colleges and schools or organisations won’t allow to use facebook. It depends on the user to use it. Some uses the facebook professionally, Some for entertainment and some for marketing. Suppose if you are in a place where you cannot access facebook and you want to update a status immediately. This article shows you how to Update Facebook Status from Email Other Social Networks.

Update Facebook Status from Email Other Social Networks

Update Facebook Status from Email Other Social Networks

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How to update Facebook status without logging-in:  (Update Facebook status outside the facebook)

From Twitter: 


Update every Tweets:

If you want to update all your tweets in facebook status automatically, then this tip will be helpful for you.
Go to: https://twitter.com/settings/profile and Scroll a little bit there you can see a button “Login to Facebook” and enter your Facebook ID and password. This will update all your tweets in facebook status.

Selective Tweets update:

If you want to update some selective tweets in your facebook status then you can use a facebook app to access it.
Go to: https://apps.facebook.com/selectivetwitter/
Simple enter your Twitter ID in the box and click on “Save” Button. If you want to update any tweets in twitter and also in facebook account, End the status with “#fb”  then you can find your tweets in facebook timeline also.

Status via Email:

Using Email service you can upload photos or videos in facebook via Email. Suppose if your friend some photos of your school and college and you would like to share it on facebook. You don’t have to download it and again upload it in facebook, Just you can upload all the photos by email itself.  It very simple to perform it. To perform this task you have to get your post by email address.

How to get Post by Email address or Personalised email address: 

  • Login into your facebook account
  • Go to “Settings:
  • Click on “Mobile” tab
  • If the text notification is deactivated, Activate it by entering your mobile number
  • After verifying your mobile you can see “Post-by-Email Address“, Just copy the email address and save it in your email contacts

Anyone can post in your wall by using this email, So be careful and keep the email id privately

  • After getting your Personalised Email id, login into your Email service and compose a new mail. You can upload more than one number of photos or videos within the service provider limit.
  • The text you entered in subject box will show as captions of the all photos (If the subject box is left without any text then the photos will not appear in your timeline)
  • In address bar, Enter your personalised email id / Post by email address
  • For example: personalisedemailid@facebook.com
  • The photos are updated in facebook as soon as the email reaches the facebook and it will show as mobile uploads.

Status using Google plus:

Updating facebook status using Google plus is similar to as updating status via email,

  • Get your Post by Email address as mentioned in status via email.
  • Then go to your Google+ Circle and create a new circle as you wish
  • In “Add a person”, Enter your personalised email id and save it
  • While sharing a status in google plus, If you include the new circle, it will automatically share the status in facebook timeline also
This article explained how to Update Facebook Status from Email Other Social Networks, If you found any difficulties to access any tips just comment it below, we will give you proper solution to rectify it.

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