Tag All Facebook friends in single Click NewYear Special

Cybertwitt wishes everyone a Very Happy and Memorable New Year and here is a gift and also most needed trick for every facebook users to wish their friends for New Year through tagging photos and also uploading status. Facebook provides Tagging feature to make everyone see their photos and facebook  users using it for wishing during festival time instead of wishing one by one in chat. It really a little tough job to Tag all the facebook friends one by one in a photo or in a Status, So here is a trick which helps to Tag all facebook friends in a single click. I am sorry for those who hate this way of wishing. Use this trick to wish all your friends instead of Tagging one by one in Facebook.

Tag all Facebook Friends in a Single Click

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How to Tag All Friends in a Single Click:

Facebook does not provide any direct options to tag all facebook friends in a single click. It can be done by using a script. You don’t need to do much for this trick just have to copy and paste the trick as mentioned in the below steps. If you are a Google chrome user this trick will work perfectly. Just follow below steps to implement this trick.

  • Login into you Facebook Account
  • Upload Any Status or Photo which you wish to Tag all friends
  • Here the trick begins, Now Click on Time Stamp of that Status to open the status in a Tab
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + J (This will open a Tab blow the browser)
  • Click on console tab then copy paste the below code in that Console tab

  • Click Enter and Ignore if it shows any error
  • After few seconds all your facebook friends will be mentioned in the comment box
  • Now all your friends would have noticed your status

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Mentioning friends in comments also same as tagging friends, both will give notification to your friends to notice your status. Hope this article will be very useful for everyone to wish their friends. If you found any trouble on implementing this trick feel free to comment. We will give proper solution for your problem. Once again Cybertwitt wishing you a very Happy and Wonder New Year, Enjoy New year.

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