Set Two Profile Pictures in Facebook

Facebook is a best place for entertainment and also there are lots of things to do with facebook. Many tech Kiddies started to do some interesting stuffs in facebook rather than using it normally like chatting, Checking new feeds, Commenting on Pages or groups and more. There are lots of tricks and fun’s that can be done with facebook, Lets try a new trick with profile picture in facebook. Profile Picture helps to identify friends in facebook and now a days there are many people using many different kinds of profile pictures and getting more likes for their profile pictures in facebook. Are you with ordinary profile picture?  Do you want to be special form others in facebook?  Try this trick, Set two profile pictures in facebook for your profile. Here two profile pictures represents two different profile pictures at a time in facebook.Set Two Profile Picture in Facebook

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How to set Two Profile Pictures in Facebook:

There is nothing much to do with this trick, Its a very simple and easy trick to set two profile pictures in facebook. This trick helps to set a profile picture in your timeline and another profile picture on posts you share and also in comments. So friends who view your profile may wounder about this trick. Here we go to set two profile pictures in facebook.

Note: You can set two profile pictures at a time from your previous profile pictures in album only.

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Follow the steps to set tow profile pictures:

  • Log in into your Facebook Account
  • Navigate to your Profile
  • Select any Photo from Profile Picture in Albums
  • Open that photo and now check the URL (Address Bar)
  • Copy ‘fbid’ number (Marked with Red box)  and save it in notepad

Set two profile pictures in facebook

  • Now Again go to your Time Line
  • Hover the Mouse on Profile Picture and click on Edit Profile Picture
  • Choose Edit Thumbnail

Set Two Profile Picture in Facebook

  • Now right click on the profile picture in Thumbnail Version
  • Select Inspect Element as show in picture to get page source

Set Two Profile Picture in Facebook

  • Now search for ‘form action’ (You may get it in 3 or 4 scrolls)

Set Two Profile Picture in Facebook

  • Now Double click on it to get full codes
  • Scroll down till you get   “<input type=”hidden” autocomplete=”off” name=”photo_fbid” value=”546757842046337″>”

Set Two Profile Picture in Facebook

  • Now replace the value Id (546757842046337) with the photo Id you copied in Notepad
  • Note: Double click on Value or right click on it and choose edit HTML to make this change
  • Click anywhere on screen to save this changes
  • Now Click on Save Button in Thumbnail

Now you can find two different profile picture in your time line. Simply we are replacing the Photo_fbid value with the photo id we need as second profile picture. Now ask your friends to check your time line and make them wounder. If you found any difficulties or troubles on trying this trick, Feel free to comment. We will give proper solutions for your problems.

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