[How to] Protect Facebook

Facebook has become officially for many users, Especially for the bloggers. Because bloggers are using Facebook as a place to reach popularity of their Site. At the same time, Big Companies Like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft are also using Facebook to keep updating with People. Because Facebook is not only a place to Market their Products, Its also a good place to know about the Suggestions of the People about the Products which they released. Since Facebook has become Officially, Facebook Providing  Many features to Secure the Users Account or Page. Many Hackers are also ready to Hack Facebook Fans Page or Account to spread a bad impression about them among the People. No one like to happen. Once a Facebook page is hacked, The user will suffer with lots of problem. So Facebook is also doing its Best to Protect the Account, But the features providing by the Facebook to the Users to Protect their Account is not reaching to the Users Completely. This article will Explain How to Protect Facebook Account or Fans Page.


1) Facebook Trusted Contacts:

This Feature will be help full when your account was hacked or any problem on Logging In. You have to Add 3 to 5 of your Close friends in this Trusted Contacts.It will send a Security Code to the Trusted Contacts to unlock your Account.

How to Enable Trusted Contacts:

Go to Account Settings ->Select Security Settings, Their you will find Trusted Contacts, Click on it and Enter your Trusted Contacts.
If you are having any doubts on activation Trusted Contacts, Check the Pictures

2) Password:

                 Hacking your account means, Hackers are trying to know your Password. So it is advised to set a strong Password, And don’t set same password for all accounts like Gmail, Twitter etc., Change your Password once a Month, So that you can Protect your account. Changing Password Frequently won’t Suffer your Account.

3) Enable Login Notification:

                  Enable Mobile Settings and Login Notification in your Account, So that when some one logged into your account from a new browser, It will send a Message to your Phone. To Enable Mobile Settings, Go to Account Settings-> Mobile Tab on the Left side, And Provide your Mobile Number. It will send a confirmation code to Conform your mobile.

To Enable Login Notificatoin:

              Go to Account Settings->Security Tab-> You will found Login Notification Menu, Enable it. When some Anonymous tried to access your account, you will get Mail and Message.

4) Enable Secure Browsing:

Enable Secure Browsing, Where Facebook will opens only in the browser where HTTPS possible.
To Enable it Go to Security Tab -> Secure Browsing, Click on Edit and Enable It


5) Active Session:

Active Session is a tab, Which Saves your Last Login Places. Suppose if you had Logged in from a Browsing Center, It will save the Location from where did you have Logged in. Give End Activity to the Last Login Sessions, So that if some other else try to Hack your account from that place, Facebook will Restrict it.


6) Use Incognito Window:

In Google Chrome there is a Options, New Incognito Window. When you Login from Incognito Windows, The Browser Won’t save any details like user name or Password. So it will be secure and no one knows even your user name. To Get Incognito Window in Chrome, Press Ctrl+Shift+N.


7) Recognized Device:

Check your Recent Recognized Devices which you used to login Facebook. It will shows all the Devices which you used to Login. To Check Recognized Devices Go to Account Settings->Security Tab, There you will find this Option. If you found any new Recognized Device which you haven’t use, Then some other else using your account from that device.


8) Some Other Tips:

  • Never Give Keep me Logged In when you are accessing facebook from some other places
  • Always Login into Facebook by Facebook.com and don’t login from other Facebook Apps
  • Don’t Click On Spam Links even if you get it from your friends
  • Don’t forget to Logout after using Facebook
  • Set Strong Password

Facebook is always doing its best to protect our account. But we too have to be aware of it. Because Facebook is an Official and Privacy one for the Users. Many Messages, Photos etc., and many other your Privacy will be lost if it was hacked, so be aware of Protecting your Facebook account and be-safe.

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