How to Get Job in Facebook

          Are you a job seeker? Then hold for a minute, it may help you to get a job. Everyone wants a best job in big Multinational companies (MNC). Is this possible for every one? Definitely not, some company needs hired men brains; some needs the creative minds of the employee; some needs logical thinking people. It is up to you to select the suitable company for you. Facebook’s CEO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg reveals his secret of hiring an employee for Facebook. He listed the rules for a person who wants to work on Facebook. Have a read on this article, know the rules and get job in Facebook.

job in facebook

How to get Job in Facebook

Definitely in this generation getting job is difficult and most challenging task for everyone. In the older days, people select the job and work for that company. But now, that entire situation got reversed. People got into the job where their domain is not at all relevant to that job. We can take the IT field as an example, in which you can see students of ECE, EEE, EIE, Mechanical, and Civil. The domain they took for study is entirely different from their working set.

Everyone likes to work for and work in Facebook. Here are the some processes that are followed in Recruitment of Facebook. First thing if you are applied through Online or by recommendation of your friends you are call for the internship. They ask you to work for them for few months on internship basis.


For Job, the recruitment process starts with email or phone call from recruiter. If the person is selected then the phone screen or in-person interview will be conducted. The phone screen interview is held for 45 minutes. From the best results of phone screen you will be call for onsite loop. It is a back to back interview in the same day. They ask you to write the code not on the text editor or other like stuffs. They ask you to do that on White board. Probably the interview for the technical job is the toughest one.

When coming to Facebook its CEO Mark Zukerberg publicize his rule for hiring an employee for his company. Mobile World Congress is the world’s best and brightest annual technology meet. Facebook CEO reveals his rule on live interview of this meet. He said that “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I work for that person”.

          He also added that Facebook is not the suitable company for everyone. He stated Sheryl Sandberg and Javier Olivan as an example of this rule. Sheryl Sandberg is the Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Javier Olivan is the Vice President of the growth and analytic in Facebook. Zukerberg consider this rule as a best one for hiring people and test them. If you think you were suitable for this company then Facebook is a good choice for you. If not try some other company that suits you.


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