How to find Admin of Facebook page

Find Admin of Facebook page: Facebook is a very big social network where we can find lots of stuffs like playing games, education, entertainment and more. Facebook is actually for connecting people from all over the world. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg created many stuffs like Groups, Facebook pages and more to connect the people under a category. But Facebook is very strict on maintaining privacy of a individual person. Since facebook is running legally, Hacking facebook or trying to access any individual privacy without their knowledge  is consider as a crime. For privacy purpose facebook hides the admin of facebook pages. But we can find admin of facebook page by using some information provided by facebook. This article is not about hacking, We are just using the data to find admin of facebook page. This article explain in detail  about to find admin of facebook page.

find admin of facebook page

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How to Find Admin of Facebook Page:

  1. Go to the facebook page you want to find the admin
  2. Click on Info which is left below the profile picture of the page
  3. If the page is linked to a website, You can see the website address or email address of the page admin
  4. If there is email address, Just copy the email address and put it in search bar, You can see the admin profile of that page
  5. If there is only website address, Go to the webpage and try to find the contact information and get the email address

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This is a very simple and easy trick to find the admin of facebook page. And also this trick is a legal one. Find the admin of the page and contact him to be more touch with them. If you found any problem on finding the admin of a page, Or if you need more information or any other tricks from us, Just comment it below. We will give proper solution for you problem.

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