How to delete Social Media Accounts / Other Accounts

Social Media is a good place for sharing our thoughts, information, and many other things as we like. Now a days Social Medias has become very popular among the People, Because it is more comfortable and Users can do anything in their profile as the wish. But is this Social Media is a safe place?  Due to its Popularity, Hackers are using it in a wrong way like Hacking some once Account and Getting their all Personal Information’s like Getting their Photos, Messages etc., This will Create a Big problem to the Users. Because the Hackers can do anything with their Personal Information’s. Users should change necessary settings to protect their account, How to Protect Facebook this article will be helpful to protect your Facebook account. Not only for this problem. Many users are addicted to the Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter etc., and they are trying to come out of it. Its a good thought, But  deactivating their accounts will not help them to come out from Social Medias completely. Because If the users log-in into their account again after deactivating, it will be activated. So there is no use in it. The only way is permanently deleting the account. This article will explain how to Delete Social Media Accounts and some other Accounts like Gmail, Yahoo ,Myspace etc.,

How to Delete Accounts:


Facebook is the First place in Social Media, there are more than 1 Billion Facebook users in this world. And there are many ways to hack the facebook account easily. If you wish to Delete your Account just simply copy and paste the below link in your address bar. Link: Suppose if you wish get your account back, You have to login with in 10 days. Else it will be deleted permanently.


            Unfortunately there are no direct options for deleting Twitter account. You have to deactivate the account and it will be deleted automatically after 30 days. Link to deactivate Twitter Account:

Google Account:

             We are using Google for many Purpose like Gmail, Orkut, Blogger etc., To Delete  Google Adwords, Google Alerts,  Youtube, Gtalk, Orkut, Gmail, iGoogle, Feed Burner, Web History, Google Chrome Sync, Blogger accounts. Just check the below link. Link:

Google Plus:

             To Delete your Google Plus Account permanently check in the below link Link: In the above link, You will find Two Options,

  • Delete Google+ Content
  • Delete Your Entire Google Profile
Select the required option you want to delete


















Go to -> My Blogs -> Select the name -> Tools -> Delete Site -> Permanently delete the blog and all contents
Delete all  your unwanted accounts which you have and save your personal information’s and Privacy. Be Safe, Keep it Safe.

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