How to Change Facebook Profile Name after Limit

Facebook is a best place for being touch with our Friends. We can share Photos, Videos and whatever we like we can share it with out friends. We can Chat with our Friends unlimitedly for a long time. Facebook has become a Legal one, Facebook is Providing Many Security Options.To know about Facebook Security options and to know how to Protect your Facebook Account just Click Here. And also Facebook is Restricting some options for being Legal. Facebook has Restricted to Change the Profile Name. A user can change his / her Facebook Profile name only for Four Times. After the Limit a user cannot change the Facebook Profile Name. But it is now possible by some tricks. This article explains how to Change Facebook Profile Name after Limit.


How to change the Facebook Name after the Limit:

  • To change Facebook Profile name Legally,
  • Go to:
  • Enter the necessary informations that they need
  • For ID, Upload your Photo. (Note: The Photo that you upload should be Professionally and No other Persons should be in that Photo)
  • After Uploading necessary Informations, Click on Send Button. Your Profile name will be updated within 2 or 3 days. (You should Provide your Original name)

Another Trick:

In the above method, Original name only Accepted. If you want to set your Profile name as you wish
  • Go to Account Settings -> Name -> Edit -> Full Name -> You will be given a List of names that you used before, select any one of them
  • Now Go to Security tab which is on the Top left of the Page
  • Click on Deactivate your account
  • Facebook will ask you “What is the Reason for Leaving”
  • In that field select “My account was Hacked”
  • It will shows an option “You can Secure your account Here” Click on it and Enter necessary Details

It is very rare for asking “Change Account Name” if you got this option you can change the name, Else you have to use the first trick only to change your Account name.

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