Facebook Virus

Facebook is a world Famous Social Network. Everyone using their Facebook account Personally, Many users Commenting, Liking Facebook Status as they wish. But how do you feel if you see a comment in the name of your Facebook profile which you didn’t comment, As same as for a Status Like. Don’t always think about hacking. This may due to Facebook Virus.


Facebook is with a new Virus which Puts Likes and Comments in a Status / Post without the user Permission. It was found by an Antivirus Program writer. It is a Trojan Horse Virus. It was named as “Trojan:JS/Febipos” It is spreading by means of Chrome or Firefox Addons. A happy news is This Virus is active in Brazil only. But the next target of the Virus is seems to be in Europ continents and America.

How does it Works:

  • This virus Enters into the computer like an AddOn Program.
  • Then it checks for Facebook Account
  • If there is any Facebook account, This Virus Downloads a File from the sender to setup the Computer
  • The file is with many commands which makes the virus to automatically Share a Post, Likes a Post or Comments a Post

What it can do:

It can perform the tasks Like Sharing a Link, Sharing Status, Commenting Status, Suggesting a Page to join etc.,

Special Feature of Virus:

A Special thing in this Facebook Virus is, It can updates itself from the Sender and Performs the Tasks as they said.

How to get rid from this Virus:

  • To Avoid this Virus, Avoid unwanted and untrusted Add Ons.
  • Logout the Facebook Account after using it
  • Don’t go for Untrusted App in Facebook

Microsoft Inc., Testing a Facebook account which was affected by this Virus and Trying to find out the Solution for it. Now this Virus is in Brazil only and it can comment in Brazil Language only. But there is an expectation from the Antivirus Programmers that it may come in English Language soon.

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