Facebook: Transfer 1 GB File using Facebook App

Everything is with Facebook, From Entertainment to Commercial Purpose. Facebook has ruled all over the world. Facebook is with 1000s of App to do many Stuffs and also for Entertainment. Though there are many Apps in Facebook, there is no App to Transfer a Large File. An app integrated with facebook was released last week. Using this app Upto 1GB of File can be transferred between two Facebook users. Even using Email only 100MB of File Transfer is allowed. This App is Named “PIPE” After a Big Struggling for a year, Berlin-based Pipe Dream Technologies created an App to Transfer a Large Data of Files. Now Facebook is with the Facility of Large File Transfer. It is the First App for Transfer Utility in Facebook. Here is a detail report about to Transfer 1 GB File using Facebook App.


What is Pipe:

Pipe is an Integrated App with Facebook, Where Large Size files upto 1GB can be Sent between Facebook Friends. Its with Very easy User Interface Just Drag and Drop the Files like Music, Video, Documents, Pictures Etc., In a Pipe which is like Super Mario Brothers Franchise. On the Other Side your Friend will Receive the File even if he/she not in online or not in this App. If your Friend is not it online. The File will be Securely Saved in Server and Deliver it to your Friend when they check it.

How does it Works:

  • First the user have to access the Pipe App
  • To access the Pipe App Go to https://apps.facebook.com/pipeapp/
  • Allow the App in your Account
  • Add your Friends in the List to whom you want to send the File
  • More than one Friends can be Added
  • Now, Drag your File and Drop it in the Green Pipe
  • If your Friend is not in online, The file will reach them when they sign-in. Until the file will be safely in the Locker.
  • This App won’t use Facebook to Transfer File. Instead Pipe use Adobe Technology to Transfer file
Pipe App is Very Easy to access. Pipe App for Mobile Version will be release later. There is no doubt Facebook will beat Google soon as it is Providing many Services for the Users.

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