Facebook Home:On Unsupported Android Devices

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled Facebook home on 12th April, 2013. It is really a great application for Facebook Lovers, It is an Android application powered by Google Android OS. This application replaces the home screen of the phone. click here To know more about facebook home.
But it is only supported for HTC one,  HTC one X,  Samsung Galaxy SIII and SIV only. What about other Android Phone users? are you one of the ordinary Android Phone User? Don’t worry you can install Facebook Home in your Android Phone also.


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How to install Facebook home on unsupported Android Devices:

To Install Facebook home in your Android Phone, You should have to uninstall all the Facebook apps in your Phone like Facebook Messenger.
Apps To Download:
To Install Facebook Home in your Android Phone, You need to have to
Download Modified Facebook Home and Facebook App ( com.facebook.home.apk, com.facebook.katana.apk)
Download Facebook Messenger  (com.facebook.orca.apk)

How to Install:

Extract .rar file (To Extract in your Phone itself download B1 Free Achiever)
After Extracting the .rar File, You will get two Files
1) com.facebook.home.apk
2) com.facebook.katana.apk
Select com.facebook.home.apk, Tap on it and Select next to Install Facebook Home. as com.facebook.home.apk, Install “com.facebook.katana.apk and com.facebook.orca.apk”
After installing all the three Apps, Get into Facebook App and Login to your Account.
In the Homepage you will get a button, Asking “Finish Setup” Tap it to Complete the Installation.
It will show “Go Launcher EX, Facebook Home, Launcher” Tap on Facebook Home, Now Facebook Home is in your Android Device also.

How to Uninstall Facebook Home:

If you are Got Bored with Facebook home, and want to come out of it

->Go to Facebook Apps -> Home Page -> Settings, Scroll to Bottom and Deselect “Enable Facebook Home”
Now you will be free from Facebook Home.

Install Facebook home in your Android Mobile, and Stay in Touch with your New Feeds and Notifications.

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