FaceBook Home Easy to access Facebook in Mobile

Every one wants to be connect with Facebook Every Second, So people staring using FaceBook in their mobile itself,  As the rate of Mobile phone users Increases, FaceBook Made Many Changes for Mobile Users to feel Comfortable. But Mobile users have to go to the Web Browser every time to Access FaceBook. So Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, Introduces a New Apps Known as
“FaceBook Home” for smart Phones. Here is a small review about FaceBook Home Easy to access Facebook in Mobile.

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Facebook Home is an android Apps, It works on Google Android OS only. This Apps is specially for those who wants to always connect with FaceBook. It Replaces the Existing Home screen which made the users to View, Share Status easily. and this Apps Lock Screen is with FaceBook notification, With Message and Chat also. This Apps shows FaceBook Updates in full screen. Pop up Notification, Images will show like slide show, Chat in it etc., It is also with Instagram, Messenger, Friend Feed, Wirehog.

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Facebook Home will be in Market on 12 April, 2013. It will be available for download in Google’s apps or Google’s Play Store. This Apps will be as a default one in HTC First. This Apps will be compatible for HTC one,  HTC one X,  Samsung Galaxy SIII and SIV. Soon this apps will be Published with Compatible for all Android Phones.

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