Facebook Hacking tool Secrets

Facebook has become official to many users and also many users starts to work with facebook like getting many likes to pages, getting many followers and more for money. This is really a great business for many users as many co-operative companies are need of those users to promote their products. As the value of facebook has been increasing, Many users started to Hack facebook accounts for their personal use and also for others for money. People searches for hacking tools and they are even ready to invest money for hacking tools to hack facebook accounts. But in real there is no such facebook hacking tools. Here we reveal Facebook Hacking tool Secrets.

Facebook Hacking tool Secrets

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Hacking Tool Secrets:

Have you ever used any hacking tools to hack facebook account and hacked successfully? There are many hacking tools available on web to hack facebook account. The truth is, All of them are fake. Using these tools may let your account to be hacked or it may use your account to do any other tasks like following a user or liking a facebook page or post and others. There is no hacking tool which gives your password when you enter facebook Id. Some innocent people invest money on buying these kind of tools and finally they got cheated. Facebook is a very big social network which earns million of dollars per month, How it would be hacked by just using small hacking tools ? Questing yourself before your buying such kind of tools. If a Black Hat hacker founds such tool and release in web, within a hour Mark Zuckerberg would find it and smash it.

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Let’s try some Hacking tools:

I Google some hacking tools and tried it and the result it, It tries to access my account or it is asking me to like any facebook pages or it redirects me to another website. This is one of the trick to get more traffic. If you wanna try what i do, Google GETFBHACK.com, And download the software. When i tried to download the software, My antivirus blocked it. However i disabled my antivirus and downloaded it. It asked me to download another software to continue hacking. It is actually a trick to get many downloads for their software.

Let’s try another facebook hacking tool. Go to http://hack-fbook-password.com/ and enter the details. It undergoes certain tasks and finally it will ask you to take a survey to get password. This is also a trick to get traffic for a website.

This will happens in most of the facebook hacking tools. If you are in a plan of buying such tools, Don’t buy it. They all are fake. These tools are made for some other purpose and it won’t get you the password of victims facebook id. If you are still willing to try suck kind of tools, Close your facebook profile before trying it. It may access your facebook account and gets information.

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